1. W

    Solar panels for electric

    Hi everyone, happy new year. Is there a thread already started on solar panels for electric or can anyone give me some rough prices for supply and fit In the Didim area please.
  2. B

    Folding glass panels:

    Hi, Would appreciate if someone could give me an approximate cost to have folding glass panels fitted on my balcony, measuring about 8'x8x'8'. Thanks. Baba Moss.
  3. B

    Folding glass panels:

    Hi,I am considering having folding glass panels fitted to my front balcony.The type would be on tracking from floor to roof and can be opened back in good weather.Can anyone suggest a reputable company and may be able to give me an approximate cost per metre. My apartment is in Yalikavak...
  4. B

    Cost Of Solar Panels.

    Just arrived in Akbuk, Didim to our holiday home. Our 2 solar panels have blown down in the winter. Are they expensive to replace? How much should we expect to pay? Thank you. Mel (and Anne)
  5. C

    Solar Panels, Wifi, and Property Management/Maintenance

    Hello everyone I'm pretty new here, even though I've been watching for a while, and have five questions that I would love some help with from your collective experience, please. My husband and I are considering buying a property in the Akkaya area but need some guidance. First: How easy and...
  6. KEDDI

    New solar panels system

    Hello everybody, Our solar panels system to get hot water is too old and need to be changed Knowing how things are, your advices would be very much appreciated We'like to find a reliable company for this type of work around Didim/Altinkum as the bill will be quite substantial for us all in...
  7. S

    Solar Panels in Turkey

    Does anyone have info about installing solar panels to generate electricity in Turkey, or know of any company in Mugla province that installs them? I already have the water panels, but want to investigate generating my own power. Thanks
  8. christella

    Solar panels in England

    Any body had this fitted in England for electric I thought about it a couple of years ago but at £18'ooo I thought it was to expensive but had a quote today for 15 panels on my roof the quote was 5 grand What do you think
  9. A

    solar panels and tanks

    Hi, thought people who want to know the price of solar panels and tanks, we have just been quoted 850TL for supply and installation, We had been quoted up to 1500TL, so this is reasonable considering, Trisha
  10. A

    solar tanks and panels

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows the price of solar panels and water tanks, I have been quoted some silly prices, if they are that expensive, how on earth do people afford them? Bought a house last year, that had an electric water boiler, but guess what? that has now dissapeared along...
  11. W

    Solar Panels

    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a company that supplies and fits solar panels for hot water and to raise the temperature of a swimming pool? Cheers Ian.
  12. Andy

    Free Solar Panels (UK)

    Your house must be facing South & only in certain area's. A Shade Greener - Free Solar Panels For Your Home Was featured on BBC BBC News - Solar panels offered free of charge A Shade Greener is a Renewable Electricity Generator that is utilising the Government initiated FIT Scheme, which...
  13. SAMIMI

    Solar panels and water turned off!

    Our water has been turned off due to the roadworks in the Turgutreis area. We have a small water tank on the roof and two big tanks on the ground. One of the ground tanks has a pump which gives us very good water pressure. My husband has turned off the pump as the water level has been...
  14. S

    solar panels, wind turbines for boats

    I was looking for solar panels to place on my sailboat in Bodrum Marina. I did an initial search on the internet and came across a company called Derin Marin, which specialises in solar panels and wind turbines. The owner is a sympathetic guy called Tolga. The shop is on the same street as...
  15. A

    Solar panels

    Can anyone explain the difference in performance between the bog standard panels and the 'new' type with tubes?
  16. keny

    solar combined vc panels

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get the above panels in Turkey?If not can the vc(voltaic) panels be obtained seperately?The increasing cost of electricty inclines one to look at this possibily.At the momemt we do not even have solar panels as I,m not sure whether the cost may outweight the...
  17. Angela Stansfield

    Fence Panels

    Hi to Everyone, I am trying to find fence panels to fence the garden of my villa. I have been everywhere and asked everyone but nobody seems to know of anywhere. Someone suggested a timber yard on the Akbuk road but I paid a visit there and although they had lots of wood and staircases etc...
  18. gus

    Solar panels Turgutreis

    Can anyone recommend a supplier and installer for a solar panel, tank, stand etc for a 2 bed apartment in Turgutreis? Thanx in advance! Gus
  19. steve

    broken solar panels

    hiya everyone, just to let you all know, when we went over last week we found we had no hot water . on close inspection on the roof, our solar panels had blown !!! we can't complain though because the agency we bought off last year replaced the whole system at no cost to ourselves. just a...
  20. K

    solar panels

    Hi there, We are just about to complete on our property in Altinkum and we are going to furnish in May, the problem is our builder wouldn't put the solar panels in does anyone know how much these are likely to cost and the best place to get them. Cheers Kev n Mandi
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