1. B

    Solar panel - lever off when abroad?

    Hello Datca & other Forum members, may I please ask whether it is advisable to switch off the solar panel lever when travelling abroad for a longer time period? Our solar panel lever is on the roof just next to the solar panel and it is a bit of an effort to climb up to the roof and switch the...
  2. N

    broken solar panel tube.

    Ive just returned to my villa for the first time this year to find that one of the solar panel tubes has smashed allowing the water to flood out of it. There is no obvious reason as to why. Is this a common occurance. The system is just two years old.
  3. Ian2006

    Anyone had a 3rd Solar Panel fitted?

    We have only just realised that the reason our water does not get very hot in the winter is that the 2 panels are hidden behind the turret style stairways and don't see much of the sun. At lunch today a friend suggested rather than go to the upheaval of trying to move the existing ones - which...
  4. M

    Solar panel Help

    Hi all I have solar fitted on my roof in apartment block duplex ,twin panels with hot and cold tanks I also have extra large tank on roof as back up , my problem is that I have no hot pressure at all and I think a pump may help, my question is where in this system do I locate the pump before the...
  5. S

    Solar panel discoloured

    One of my solar panels looks cloudy- bit like condensation. Systems working ok is there a prob?
  6. suzyq

    Row Over Property Sales To Foreigners Grips Panel

    A crisis over the issue of foreigners purchasing real estate in Turkey has occurred in Parliament’s Constitution Conciliation Commission. The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) asked for a limitation on foreigners purchasing real estate in...
  7. niyaz

    Solar panel swimming pool

    Is there a builder in Dalaman or nearby towns who consructs solar panel swimming pools.
  8. Summertime

    Prices on Hot Water Boiler and Solar Panel

    Does anybody know the prices on hot water boiler and solar panel Thanks:Flower:
  9. Firebrand

    US Congress panel accuses Turkey of Armenian 'genocide'

    News article on the BBC: BBC News - US Congress panel accuses Turkey of Armenian 'genocide' And an update on Turkey's reaction on the BBC: BBC News - Turkish anger at US Armenian 'genocide' vote
  10. S

    Best Flat Panel TV

    I'm just furnishing our property in Marmaris and am now looking at LCD/Plasma TV's. Anyone have any views on the quality of some of the Turkish brands - I've seen nice looking sets by Arcelic, but can't find any reviews.
  11. madturkishcow

    Solar Panel Tax?

    Has anyone else who lives here in Turkiye received a letter from their local Beledesyi (council) about their Solar Panels? A rough translation (the letter was addressed to my landlord not me) :lol: Is that under some law passed in Ankara the Turkish Goverment were imposing some kind of 'Green'...
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