1. Lyndsey


    Happy Shrove Tuesday to you all! If you fancy making some today here is a very simple recipe that produces perfect pancakes: Ingredients 300ml Milk 1 large Egg 100g Plain Flour Pinch of Salt. Method In a large jug measure the milk, add the egg and whisk. Now add the flour in 3 stages to the...
  2. N

    Pancakes in Bodrum?

    I'm wondering if anyone ran across a restaurant or a hotel serving American style pancakes in Bodrum. I've seen pancake breakfast signs here and there but I don't know if they're simply crepes or something more like the English kind. I'm thinking specifically of buttermilk pankaces which I've...
  3. Joe in Tasucu

    So who is making pancakes?

    I nearly forgot about pancake day but since I mentioned it my seven year old daughter is insisting we have pancakes tonight.
  4. luckycat68

    GOZLEME - Turkish Pancakes

    Has anyone in this area tried the lovely traditional Gozleme ? These are really gorgeous and make a very filling snack or starter Due to demand from our Turkish customers . we have now resumed our Gozleme stand in the restaurant Please come and try - you can watch the lady making your pancake...
  5. jcrian


    What did you have on your pancakes yesterday?
  6. murdo

    How to make chinese pancakes

    Chinese pancakes for 6-8 people 10oz (275g) of plain white flour 8-9 fluid oz (225-250ml) of very hot water 2 tablespoons sesame oil Put flour in large bowl. Gradually add and mix in hot water. Add more water if mix too dry. Remove mix and knead well with hands until very smooth. This takes...
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