1. mollag

    Our pals, Saudi Arabia.

    In case you may have missed it, it was mostly avoided by our media, Saudi cut this ladies head off on Sunday,very similar to the way Is low life, not our friends, operate. We dont support cruel non democratic despots, do we? Nooooo :45...
  2. Yalides

    Best pals

    What with young Philip back on the scene I wonder how long it will be before Saoirse and Kibris become best pals ?:seenoevil
  3. R

    Looking for new pals

    Wondered if there are any nice single ladies in the Dalaman area who would like some company/new friend ? Meet for coffee etc. I am single lady who has an apartment in Dalaman and staying here indefinately.
  4. P

    Teenage pals

    Re: 5 year passport Hi guys, with all these teenagers flying back and forth just thought that I'd mention that I'm still hoping to find some pals for Adam, my 14 year old around the Antalya Lara area. I'm sure he'd kill me if he knew I was advertising the fact (uncool) but it would just be nice...
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