1. mollag

    Erdogans Palace

    Dont mention it, you aint seen it, right? :speaknoev Turning farmlands into concrete is betrayal: Erdo?an - Turkey News
  2. C

    Aydinbey Kings Palace Hotel

    Hi, We are traveling by car from Alanya to the Aydinbey Kings Palace Hotel advised its in Colakli, Manavgat, etc; can someone please tell me exactly where it is and how to get there off the D400. Many thanks in advance.
  3. mamish

    Illegal construction - equal treatment?

    So, one is ordered to be demolished. What about the other one? And if it's not, does that give grounds for challenging demolition orders on all "illegal" construction?? 'Illegal' construction of Reza Zarrab to be demolished - CRIME Construction of presidential palace unlawful: Turkey's top...
  4. D

    Come on palace

    All about Steve g and up pops palace and takes the shine off the parade ...3-1 palace ye ha
  5. N

    Tulpian Orient Palace resort

    Hi Does anyone know anything about the progress on this resort? We invested there in 2005 and should have completed 2007.
  6. bickern

    Is RTE about to get his 2nd palace?

    Restoration work on an old palace that is reportedly set to become the president’s office in Istanbul has ended. The historic Vahdettin mansion, home to the last Ottoman Sultan Vahideddin (also known as Mehmed VI), has been renovated after four months of rapid work. President Recep Tayyip...
  7. W

    Erdogan's palace

    BBC News - Erdogan presidential palace cost soars for Turkey And the EU are piling monies into Turkey ! Are we stupid ( rhetorical question)!
  8. Yalides

    Buck palace intruders

    Get a burglar in your house and you are lucky if you get a police report but break into Buck house and millions are spent on inquiries and security overhauls. Equality all round eh ? Good news though, at least Prince Andrew got apprehended for acting shiftily....:eek:
  9. suzyq

    Palace knifeman ‘wanted Queen to help him get back £170,000 stolen in property deal'

    Yesterday, the grandfather’s family told the Mail that he was in a ‘desperate situation’ after losing his business and savings and had been driven to despair after police refused to help him. They claim a solicitor, who has since been disqualified from practising for a year, stole £168,000 from...
  10. A89

    Topkapi palace hotel Lara beach

    Can anyone tell me the best way to get to The Topkapi palace Hotel at Lara from Alanya please? Im assuming I'll take the big bus along the D400 and get off somewhere on there? Does anyone know wheres best? how far it is from there? will I need a taxi? etc etc. Thanks for any help. Alison
  11. W

    sheff wed v crystal palace

    its going to be a massive game with sheffield wednesday needing a win to keep them in the championship its going to be played in front of 39000 fans.its live on bbc1 sunday at 13.00 GMT. predictions for this game?? sheff wed 2 palace 0 up the owls!!
  12. N

    Orient Palace Bodrum

    Is the Orient Palace Development Bodrum still at a standstill? there was talk of a new investor coming on board but its all being very quiet lately.A lot of people invested in this project.
  13. C

    Orient Palace

    Hi I am new to the forum however I have owned a house in Gumusluk for nearly three years ( which I love ) I live in the South of England although I come from Newcastle. I am interested if anybody has any information on the 'ORIENT PALACE' near Iasos , so much conflicting info from...
  14. Mushtaq

    Caprice Palace Akbuk (5 star hotel)

    The worst hotel I have ever had the misfortune to stay at, and this include cheap and nasty no star ones. When we tried to check in two hours before the official check in time (just arrived from the airport direct) we were told that we couldn't check in yet :crazy: this is the ONLY hotel ever...
  15. T

    Orient Palace

    Hi, Has anyone invested in the Orient Palace, Alanya. If so, is the developer making the guaranteed payments. Anything to watch out for? Regards Tass
  16. T

    Orient Palace

    Has anyone purchased in orient Palace Bodrum? I am looking at this as an investment and would appreciate people's views/comments. Many regards Tass
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