1. J

    Cost of outside painting

    How much would I expect to pay for outside painting the daily rate . I have no idea .not including materials
  2. J

    Painting villa

    Hi Has anybody had a paint job done on their Villa recently? How much would you pay for a complete outside painting of an average size 3 bedroom villa. 1 bedroom upstairs in a turret, balustrades upstairs and downstairs. Thanks for help
  3. Jaycey

    Painting over rust

    Back in Turkey I recall painting over a rusty steel balustrade with only minor preparation. I can’t remember the name of the paint I used – can any member please jog my memory? Thanks
  4. mamish


    EXHIBITION OF PAINTINGS BY SARA ALLAN Sara Allan Sara has regularly exhibited in London and New York, but this is her first exhibition in Turkey, to be held in Kalkan (sorry, not Koycegiz as previously posted) . George Melley said of her work, "From a tangle of lines, executed at great speed...
  5. C

    House painting

    Helo I have a house in Turgutreis and it need painting(now 10 yers old). I am looking for some advise as to what paint to use and if anyone has a painter they could recommend. Many thanks Liam
  6. IbrahimAbi

    House Painting

    Last year we had our villa professionally painted. we are delighted with it. We have a new store which, at the time had not been plastered, so they could not paint it. Now we thought that as it is a small project we could paint it ourselves. I remember that the painters used something called...
  7. S

    Kitchen unit Stripping and painting service

    Hi, does anyone know of a company, in the Fethiye area, that strips kitchen units of paint/varnish and resprays?
  8. hayabusa

    External Painting - Toparlar, nr Koycegiz. Mugla

    Can anyone recommend a good painter/ decorator in Toparlar, nr.Koycegiz ?.....Its about 20min drive from Dalaman.
  9. C


    Hi all, Can anyone tell me the Turkish for undercoat paint? I am about to paint our wooden doors and skirting boards using oil based paint but need some undercoat/primer.
  10. B

    BPPM Alexander Hills painting

    I'm just back from a weeks holiday at Alexander hills and have to say how well the site is looking since being painted the apartments all look a lot better and the blue paint on the steps also looks well. I was extremely impressed with the way they scrapped back the peeling paint filled it in...
  11. W

    Didim- triple ladders for painting job

    Been trying to source a set of triple ladders in Didim but none of the stores or outlets seem have to have them . If anyone can give me a contact then that would be much appreciated.
  12. S

    Good standard renovation company needed in Alanya

    Dear LivingInTurkey members, I've been in Alanya for a couple of years now, and recently had my apartment painted, but the work was so bad that it need to be redone. There's paint on the floor, and wall colour on the ceiling. I need someone to clean the mess from the last painters, and finish...
  13. Y

    cost of painting

    Hello all Can anyone give me an idea how much it costs to paint a 3-storey apartment block?
  14. Jaycey

    Speed painting

    WOW.............. I sure didn't see that coming! - Speed painter
  15. W

    Elyafli sutut + marble + external painting

    would welcome any advice re this product. Have been recommended its use to put on my external open terrace walls to help counter adverse weather. Is it any good and is it applied after painting or before painting? also many owners on our site are having marble put on the top of their walls to...
  16. W

    Painting outside

    Can anybody help me on this one, we own a apartment does the maintanence we pay cover the cost of painting outside.
  17. U

    painting stuff for sale

    Hi Everybody I am moving back to USA. I am selling my painting stuff, brushes, canvas, easels, water painting and ouil painting materials. If you are interested please pm me. Umit
  18. S


    Maybe need to get a lick of paint thrown over the wee croft What's the going rate these days in Turkey for getting outside of average size house done?
  19. juco

    Spray painting Romanian style :-)

    Romanian Paint Job - Funny Videos at Videobash
  20. christella

    oil painting

    anybody know much about oil paintings i bought this today cos i liked it but never heard of the painter this is the signature
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