1. G

    Painter(s) required for work in Kadikalesi area

    Hi all, can anyone provide me with contact details of a reputable painter or painters. I own a house in the Kadekalesi area, and along with another owner, we are coming over to Turkey for a few days next week. We would like to hire a Painter / Painters to help paint external and internal walls...
  2. Neil_Denizli

    Any Recommended House Painters?

    Can anyone recommend a painter in Turgutreis area? Want to repaint a couple of rooms ... thanks in advance ... Neil
  3. C

    Painters in Mahmutlar

    Hi everyone, First of all Happy New Year!! and hope its a Good One!! We thought it is time to give our apartment a spruce up!! Does anyone know of a good painter near Mahmutlar?? and any idea what sort of prices they charge?? Could do it ourselves but I believe the emulsion here has to have...
  4. Ms Who

    Had the painters in

    Lo all, We've just had our offıces decorated and they dıd a sterling job. They were punctual and hard working and even refused tea on occasion!!! I asked em how much for theır servıces and ıts a very reasonable 40mıl a day - so ıf anyones ın need of a touch up;-) Yunus Dekorasyon - Bayram...
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