1. Neil_Denizli

    Anti-fungal paint

    Can anyone recommend an anti-fungal paint? There's a few places around the house where moisture tends to build up such as behind the dishwasher, bathroom ceiling, would like to add some barrier even if it's not a permanent solution ... cheers
  2. A

    Interior paint

    Hi Can you give me the Turkish name for white interior gloss paint. Thanks art2
  3. W

    Weathershield Paint - Turkish weather

    Advice please re paint.Just checking whether Weathershield Paint from the UK would be appropriate or not for painting open terrace apt in Turkey - which is very exposed in winter. I usually use Filliboya but I have about 12 litres of the Weathershield which I brought over this time - just to...
  4. S

    Chalk paint

    Hi , Anybody know if you can get chalk paint in Turkey ?,
  5. R

    Repair and Auto paint shops in Izmir?

    Need to some small repairs to my in laws car. Also they would like to get the paint touched up or repainted. Its a Tofas so is not an expensive car but it is sentimental to them. Prefer places near Balcova. Thanks.
  6. mollag

    Wood paint

    Looking to paint some wooden, varnished doors in colour. Is what is called primer in Turkey, what we call undercoat? And has anyone found a paint for wood in a satin or silk finish? Appreciate any advice :thumbup:
  7. mafalda


    Hello, Quick question: where can I buy paint in Dalyan? There used to be a shop near the centre next to the petrol station, but it seems to have closed down? mafalda
  8. A

    Hammerite paint in Altinkum?

    hi does anyone know if they sell hammerite type paint in altinkum please need it in white and either gold or silver thanks
  9. S


    In Turkey when they mention Yagli Boya- " oil paint" do they mean what we call gloss????
  10. S

    best matt or silk paint

    Hi coming over to paint indoor wallls of apartment want advice on best white paint to buy either locally or in Bodrum needs to be wiperble and not runny any help would be great cheers Shaun
  11. Philogic

    Hammerite paint

    Can I get this in Side or Manavgat? Or its Turkish equivalent.
  12. L

    Low Odour Gloss Paint

    Hello I am after white low odour gloss paint, I don't mind traveling to get it. I've looked in lots of places but no luck, has anybody seen any? Thank-you VM
  13. mamish

    ATMs in Koycegiz

    Hi! I'm new in Koycegiz (actually Dogusbelen) - moved in on xmas eve. I want to withdraw sterling using my HSBC debit card or my Nationwide debit card. Do any of the ATMs in Koycegiz pay out in sterling? If not Koycegiz, where would be the nearest? Also lots of DIY to be done! Any...
  14. P

    Metal interior paint?

    Hi all, I am going to undertake the tedious job of rubbing down my metal internal spiral staircase and redoing the metal in a simple brilliant white gloss. Would anybody have a recommendation and importantly a translation into Turkish of a high impact white gloss paint for metal (steel)? I can...
  15. A

    Outside paint

    Hello. Have searched forum but cannot find information on buying paint for outside walls. Looking for paint,not whitewash. What do I look for in DIY store? Thanks in advance,Derek.
  16. ria248

    Satin emulsion paint

    Where in Dalaman, can İ buy Satin finish paint, and what is it called in Turkish please?
  17. stewy

    Indoor Paint

    Hello Folks Can anyone give me the equivalent Turkisk name of White and Magnolia emulsion indoor paint that i can buy in large plastic containers. I don't want a expensive product just a basic one to re-decorate the whole of the inside of the villa. Stewy
  18. S

    A Paint Question

    I was wondering what the difference is between ceiling paint and paint just for walls. I did some decorating when in Turkey last week and noticed that you can buy paint specifically for ceilings and paint specifically for interior walls. Can anyone enlighten me please?
  19. J

    Gloss Paint

    I want to paint my interior doors (wood) with a gloss paint, does anyone know what I should be asking for in turkish, thanks Jan:thanks:
  20. X


    Going over to Gumbet early May, painting a freinds apartment,is there any local stores to buy the paint thanks
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