1. M

    Duty Paid alcohol into Turkey

    Can anyone tell me if I bought alcohol say from Morrisons and took it into Turkey is there a limit to how much I can take in?
  2. R

    Tapu to be transfered before Money paid as part of Mortgage

    In the process of negotiating a sale and are coming towards the end of it and will have a contract with the people who have been looking after our property management. They have provided me with the following info which I looking at getting clarification on before going back to them. They...
  3. juco

    Paid your TV licence?

    How long before the list expands.
  4. Jaycey

    Highest paid jobs in the United States.

    . . . .......... :hmm::hmm::hmm:
  5. christella

    1.7 billion pounds to be paid to the EU

    so our economy is doing well now we have to pay for it
  6. N

    Deska Global Fethiye not paid debts to the tax office

    If Deska Global would pay their debts to the tax office, they could finally give the customers their Tapus. We call on the company Deska Global, finally paid off your debts! Your customers want finally use their homes in peace and pay the taxes themselves.
  7. giglets

    MEPs - paid more - worked less

    Ya don't say! "Paying politicians too much harms their work ethic, claims ground-breaking new research that could be used as an argument not to give British MPs a proposed 11% pay rise. The findings, published in this month's issue of the Economic Journal, say that there is a significant...
  8. am4z1ng

    Bill being paid twice

    We have apartments on a complex that after 7 years is not complete. We have no Tapu. There is a maintenance company running the club but we have not signed anything to say we agree they can run it and cannot get information on who has. Up till now we have paid fees to these maintenance people to...
  9. A

    not- paid bills for three months???

    Hello Everyone, I am living in Izmir, Goztepe. While still being in Turkey, I couldn't manage to find a way for paying my bills( Internet- TTNET; Water- IZSU:\; Electricity- TEDAS)online. The last bills I paid, were those for June 2013, as after it I started my journey. I am going back to...
  10. B

    Interest Rates Paid on Claims or Cases

    Hello Everyone, As I am a new member I would like to firstly say "hello". If there is anyone who may be able to help me, or who has had a similar experience, I would be happy to hear from you. I have recently after several years won a court case against a Construction & Development company...
  11. tomc1984

    Taxes paid

    Does anyone know if you get info online of any taxes paid.Need to prove I have paid the tax on my replacement phone , cannot find receipt, not sure if turkcell kept it. They have suggested I revisit the tax office but I am trying to avoid that.
  12. flowerpotman

    UK pension paid in Turkey

    Just a thought does anyone have a uk private pension paid into a sterling account in turkey or do you have it paid into uk account and use debit card or transfer as required.
  13. G

    Iskan: where is it paid for?

    I bought an apartment in 2005 where the Iskan was not issued yet. Payment for this Iskan was allegedly made twice. Once by my own representative who received my POA to do so and handed me the Iskan in my name and also by the real estator 2Base. 2Base claimed that they also paid for the Iskan...
  14. A

    Blackwater illegally paid millions in taxpayer money

    For half a decade, American taxpayers unknowingly spent millions of dollars every year to fund private security agency Blackwater’s so-called “democracy building” missions in Iraq. A new report completed by the US State Department and the Broadcasting Board of Governors Office of Inspector...
  15. J

    Pensions paid to turkish bank

    Hi, Does anyone know the best way to get their pension paid to a Turkish bank. and get the mamimum amount, without losing on exchange rates. is it best to get a fixed rate for a few months, or variable with the exchange rate? It would be nice to hear from anyone that has their pension sent to...
  16. D

    no water bills paid by Garanti any longer!!!

    Just a word of warning to anyone who hasn't been informed of this yet, but we went into pay the annual council taxes yesterday in the council buidings in didim and there is a notice on the wall advising that the only banks they will any longer accept direct debits from is Yappicredit and the...
  17. K

    Tax Paid

    Could some kind member provide me with the name of a document that shows that all taxes have been paid on a vehicle so that it can be sold. I know I found the words in the forum once, but after 30 minutes searching I cannot find them again and I have to go to the Fethiye tax office tomorrow (a...
  18. S

    uk pension paid into turkish bank account

    hi, am considering getting a uk private pension paid into a turkish bank due to recent charges imposed by the nationwide, also to take advantage of the bonus points you get from shopping with thier credit cards.etc. has anybody done this and or got any tips on this subject?
  19. J

    Tax paid on renting out holiday home

    Hello Me again! Could you please tell me what the rate of tax is payable to either the government in Turkey or the UK when a holiday home is rented out? Thanks.
  20. T

    Sale Fallen Through - Deposit wasn't paid

    I wonder if anyone can help me. I have POA for friends of mine as they are selling their apt. We actually sold it privately and the buyers solicitors drew up a contract saying that we would get a deposit when the habitation certificate was issued, this happened and the rest when they received...
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