1. Tenpin

    Police investigating ‘Kill Gina Miller’ crowdfunding page Police are investigating a crowdfunding page that advocated killing the anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller. The page, which has been on the GoFundMe website since April, sought to raise...
  2. oldfogy

    multi page Translator TR-En

    Does anyone know know of a decent 'reliable' multi-page translator program. I have a 12 page insurance document that needs to be translated into English, in one go. Up-until now I have been using ABBYY FineReader 11 to convert to a MS Word document and then selecting individual pages followed...
  3. Harem

    Google UK home page

    Suddenly this morning my Google.Co.Uk homepage is in Turkish. Is anybody else experiencing this and how do I get it back into English?
  4. E

    Muracaat belgesi page

    Dear All, Thanks in advance if you could tell me what happened if someone stays out of Turkey more than the allowed 15 days if travels by Muracaat belgesi page, knowing that I already applied for the permit to stay renewal. I am flying for roughly 30 days and comeback, I will leave my...
  5. Tommie

    Facebook Page Update

    I'm trying to update a FB page for a user but clearly I don't have the authority to do so. The owner of the page, who has given me the OK to change it, does not know who created it. One of his clients created it for him but he is not sure who did it. This is not uncommon for quite a few FB...
  6. Struggs

    Page not responding - TLF site only

    By process of elimination, I am only getting this problem when on TLF. all other sites I visit are fine. What I do find strange, is this started happening, after someone was trying to log into TLF under my name, don't know if in any way there is a connection. Also, everytime I log in I have to...
  7. Akasya

    Visitors to this page

    Why , when you go into a members profile and look at the " last ten visitors to this page " is the last visitor the obviously incredibly nosey " YALIMART " Conspiracy or cock up Steve.
  8. beyazbayan

    Page is too big

    How do i reduce the size of the page to fit the screen. RH side is off the screen.
  9. teosgirl

    Northern Cyprus - FB information page

    A good friend of mine works for the Girne Belediye as their PR/ events manager. He recently added me to a Facebook page which promotes events and businesses in the TRNC. I thought this might interest some members who are either in the process of moving to north Cyprus, or are currently...
  10. Harem

    Getting rid of Bing as my home page

    Just updated myself to Windows 7 and whilst downloading a programme stupidly didn't look to see what else I was letting myself in for. Consequently I now have Bing as my homepage/search, which I do not want, but can't see how to get rid of it. I have tried going into Control Panel and Internet...
  11. J

    Website page

    Hı has anyone or anyone know the cost of producıng a web page and ıf so WHO do they recommend . I dont know the much about websıte termınology but would lıke the web page come up on partıcular searches. Would apprcıate any feedback and help on thıs.
  12. L

    Thomson Airways Turkey facebook page - is it legit?

    Hi all, I hope you can help. I was wondering if anyone has booked flights to Turkey via the Thomson Airways Turkey page on Facebook? -- Just trying to find out if this is a legit page? A friend of mine wants to book but is...
  13. merpip

    Facebook page

    Can anyone please give me the header for the buying and selling in Didim & Altinkum page on Facebook ?
  14. pineapple1

    Selling Page

    Can anyone tell me is there a Fb selling page in Izmir like the one in Marmaris etc .... Thanks Diane
  15. F

    keep getting ttnet page cant join wifi network

    is anyone else in the dalyan area unable to connect to the internet? i keep getting the ttnet login page. that is the case for both my home and office network but i know that my neighbours are ok. anyone else having this problem?
  16. C

    dog shelter gulluck Turkey facebook page

    Hi everyone I hope this is not against the rules, but i wanted to ask if people could please visit our new facebook page; dog shelter Gulluk Turkey We are trying to get the message out and if people could visit and pass the word to other or offer advice, help, etc that would be really...
  17. C

    Please visit our new facebook page

    Hi, I am not sure if this is in the right place, but i cannot for some reason access the pets in Turkey page to post this so if the administration feel this is in the wrong place can it please be moved. We are a small group who live in Gulluk Turkey, a small fishing village just outside of...
  18. djmagic

    Facebook Hints & Tips Page For Turkish Expats!/groups/114191658746465/ Please feel free to add yourself to this new Facebook Page for Hints & Tips In Turkish Life
  19. altinkum kev

    Daves Dream box Help page.

    Ok to help us all out if we have problems or just need a little advise Dave has set up a face book page to guide you,just click on .!/profile.php?id=100003566984529 Well done Dave always one step ahead of the rest. Hope this link is allowed .
  20. ted j

    Thomson facebook page

    If you go on Facebook, type in Thomson Airways Turkey (you have to start each word with capitals ) There are some good offers eg..... Thomson Airways Turkey ‎***Fancy a trip over to the Sunshine? Bargain deals from UK to Bodrum return*** 8th July Manchester 14 nights £129 8th July Gatwick 11...
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