1. 3

    RIP Paddy Ashdown

    Stood by his beliefs............
  2. D

    Irish & Paddy Jokes.

    SKY NEWSFLASH..!!.......................... The Irish Government today, have announced that, as of next week, all cars in Ireland will now drive on the Right Hand Side of the Road. If this is a success, all Buses, Trucks and Lorries will follow a week later..!!..
  3. bickern

    Paddy's fingers

    Paddy's fingers Paddy was working at the fish plant in Cork when he accidentally cut off all 10 of his fingers. He went to the emergency room in Cork 's hospital. The doctor looked at Paddy and said, 'Lets be avin' da fingers and I'll see what oi can do'. Paddy said, 'Oi haven't got da...
  4. Joe in Tasucu

    A Plastic Paddy in Anatolia.

    This sun doesn’t shine on Kilburn Nor these stars on Crickelwood This moon’s not seen In Willesden Green But here the Craic’s not understood The mountains stand stark against a clear blue sky It’s a beautiful sunny day. The Mediterranean Sea is a deep dark blue It doesn’t feel like St...
  5. peter the postie

    Paddy's night.

    I'll be DJ at a St Patricks night tonight. There is also an Irish band on, and Irish dancing by a UK champion. I'm really looking forward to it, (maybe not playing Paddy Maginty's goat) but I think its a bit sad the way that we English are just letting St George's day slip away, considering the...
  6. 4rickshaw

    An irishman called Paddy

    Paddy and his wife were lying in bed one night and the neighbours dog was barking non stop in the garden. Paddy says, oh stuff this and storms downstairs...5 minutes later he comes back and his wife says...what did you do...Paddy says...i've put the dog in our garden, lets see how they like it...
  7. Pennie

    Paddy and Murphy

    Please dont read this if you are easily offended Paddy and Murphy are in a waiting room and a man in a suit and carrying a briefcase entered the room. Paddy says to Murphy "I think that man over ther is a lawyer" Shaking his head Murphy disagreed and said " I think he's a doctor"...
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