1. ted j

    iPad air

    Kath got an I pad air for Christmas She took loads of photos and videos and consequently the storage is full I linked it with the lead to my laptop to try and transfer some pictures over It transferred some, but refuses to transfer 2 folders, saying no more are to be found Now , before...
  2. A

    Where to buy an iPad in Marmaris?

    Hi , Where,s the best place in marmaris to buy a basic I Pad, dont want to spend a fortune and it must be able to be set to english, thanks .
  3. shirleyanntr

    tips for using touch pad

    i have been lucky to have the loan of a laptop while i am laid up..courtesy of the lovely A89 aka naggy aggy. however i am being driven crazy by the antics of the pointer. its taken me 20mintes to knockthis goes all over the place and soetomesthe page goes somewhere else and may other...
  4. S

    i Pad

    Would absolutley love wanna these-anyone got one yet?
  5. B

    Furnishing your "Pad"

    From past experiences of buying in Altinkum... if you could pick one place in Altinkum/Didim that gave value for money, good service etc for the purchases of White Goods, which shop or store would you recommend? And how about the same for furniture, or is it better to go out of town for that...
  6. merlin

    Johnsons Pad - Brian!

    Welcome to Turkish Living Brian! Merv!
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