1. M

    Packing cases

    Does anyone know if Ikea at Izmir do a range of cardboard boxes for transporting possessions. Thank you Mary Oldfield
  2. J

    Shipping to Turkey: Packing/Disinfection/Antalya

    Hello everyone, I am researching shipping options to get some personal goods from the USA to Antalya. SELF-PACKING: I'm comparing companies that pack goods for you and some that allow you to pack. I'd like to avoid excessive costs when the "pros" pack for you. The packing should be fairly...
  3. N


    Hi there. I'm going to Fethiye in March and am a bit unsure if what to pack ? Can anyone help please ???
  4. S

    Packing Boxes

    I'm busy unpacking our newly arrived stuff from UK and I have lots of boxes left over. I have flattened them and just wondered if any one needs any boxes. It seems a shame to burn them. I can bring them into Bodrum. BacktoBodrum: Name calling
  5. Mushtaq

    Finally! Get packing for new horizons....

    Looks like NASA have finally found a Earth like planet, a place to escape to whe mankind have screwed this planet up completely (won't be too long at current rates) Nasa’s Kepler space telescope finds 'new Earth' - Telegraph Wonder if they have there is potential for an Emlak office :bounce:
  6. D

    Packing Boxes For Shipping

    Hi I am hoping that someone may be able to help my friend Who is returning to the UK very shortly and needs to source packing boxes to ship her belonging back here. The shipping company require the boxes to be uniform in size. I think she needs about 20 but I know she would be more than...
  7. P

    Still packing it in!

    after nearly 5 years of having our holiday home in Yalikavak we still find we are taking our full quota of luggage allowance. We thought after all this time, with clothes etc already out there, that we would be down to just hand luggage. But no, after the cheddar, minimum 10 paperbacks and a...
  8. angiesco

    Doğu Garajı is packing up............

    I stay in the Doğu Garaj area. Things are starting to look pretty quiet. At the Festival Bazaar-the main touristy shopping area, they are all packing up and heading out! Certainly be quiet without the tourist about but its going to get noisy when the building work starts!LOL Regards Angie.
  9. v6cod


    Just about to start packing the suitcases as we are off to our villa at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Looking forward to spending two weeks back in our second home.
  10. Gill

    vacuum packing for flight?

    can anyone tell me if they used those bags -that that have all the air sucked out by a vacuum- to pack clothes and bedding to bring to Turkey. It probably is a daft question but - are they alright to put in your luggage in the hold? Thanks Gill
  11. Helenbodrum

    packing boxes/crates??

    Hi All, We are moving to bodrum this winter and have quite a bit of stuff we'd like to take with us. Not furniture or anything, but just books, pictures, wedding presents...home stuff. Has anyone else done this? Whats the best way and how long does it take? Can anyone recommend any reliable...
  12. merlin

    Packing Tips?

    Well heres a few to set the thread rolling.... Place a sheet of bubblewrap at the bottom of your case(s), it won't affect the weight or bulk but may come in handy if you buy delicate gifts on holiday. Also pack a small roll of sellotape. Take photocopies of your family passports and place...
  13. peter the postie

    Electrical items & packing

    Electrical items & packing Well we are off to Altinkum tomorrow [8D] but just wondered what the current rules are regarding the carriage of electrical items. Does anybody know if we still have to carry things such as hair straighteners, hairdryers etc in our hand luggage ? or are we able to...
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