1. M

    Packing cases

    Does anyone know if Ikea at Izmir do a range of cardboard boxes for transporting possessions. Thank you Mary Oldfield
  2. teosgirl

    Chicken packaging - how safe?

    Hi, My friend had a Turkey leg and decided to put it in the oven. Half way through cooking she realised that the paper/plastic square that is part of the packaging and sits underneath most chicken or Turkey products, was still stuck to the bottom of the Turkey leg. She removed it but is now...
  3. no-nem

    Packaging tax

    Just looking at a subject which is unrelated to Turgetreis forum on re-cycling, I have always held this opinion, rightly or wrongly.......As I understand now, in the uk you have several bins, and if you don't put the right stuff in the right bin, your fined or something daft.(maybe UK residents...
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