1. T

    tur telecom Internet packages

    Good morning all Our Internet contract is up for renewal and we have been looking at all the different packages turk telecom have on offer. We haven't got a clue which package will be adequate for what we want which is mainly to be able to watch TV for at least 6 hrs day/night (probably more...
  2. keny

    Ttnet packages

    Can anyone interpret this package for 3/6 month use of the internet? HAZIRNET Package Facebook Twitter Print Zoom Normal Zoom out Promotions HAZIRNET Package TTNET get access to the Internet at any time, and pay for the days you use! Connection fees, monthly fixed fee...
  3. W

    Need to Furnish our Villa - Furniture packages?

    Hi, we have almost finished purchasing our villa in Ovicek and wanted to know if anyone knew or had experience of buying a furniture package for a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom Villa. It would be nice to be able to buy in IKEA and have it all shipped to the villa but I dont know if that is possible...
  4. M

    furniture packages

    hi folks , has anyone used a furniture package company to furnish their apartment or villa?
  5. F

    Anyone willing to send regular medicine to the UK?

    Wasnt really sure where to put this and I probably expect to get some flack for it.. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone who would be willing to send some medicine over every 10 days or so? I am prepared to pay £25 or so for your time, each time plus the cost of the medicine and postage on top?-...
  6. P

    Furniture packages or choose your own/transfers, etc

    To Lee & Penny, we are owners in Viva Mar C block and have been over twice now. We have had our own interior designer who has her own business who also does car hire, transfers, etc. She comes highly recommended from us, she did an excellent job, if you want us to send you some pictures of...
  7. Rainey

    TV liscence and tv satelite packages

    Can some one please tell me, do you have to buy a tv liscence there like you do in the UK, if you do how much is it please? Can some one please help me also about how much a basic satelite payment is per month with a few english cahnnels on it, I dont understand the digiturk website to see the...
  8. D

    Furniture Packages

    Hi as previously mentioned we are buying a two bed one bath villa near Belek.We have just learned that the developer is offering the services of two companies to do the furnishing.The minimum price for this is £7000.The developer said that the package would be comprehensive but it still sounds...
  9. Mushtaq

    New flights and packages facility added

    I have added a facility for members to search for charter flights and cheap package holidays to Turkey, please give it a go and see what sort of prices it throws up. At the moment I have tweaked the destination to Turkey, but all sorts of charter packages are available. You can book online and...
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