1. V

    Does TurkCell's PrePaid plan auto-renew?

    Hi there, So as you know TurkCell's prepaid packages are valid for 28 days at once. I used to think that I have to buy a new package manually on the "Last Day" of my first prepaid package to avoid gaps. However I've heard that if you do nothing, TurkCell will just charge the same price to...
  2. gally

    Short Term Internet Package

    Hi, can anyone tell me if and how I can go about getting unlimited internet for just 3 months (May to July). Not a VINN though, I've got one. We have fibre/Adsl to the site, we used to have it to the house but I cancelled a while back as we only stay 3 months now and had to have 24 months then...
  3. ibrahimwoah

    Why Amazon??

    I don't know about you but Amazon never tells me the Turkish delivery company they're going to use when my packages enter Turkey. The tracker claims it's been 3 days since it's been "out for delivery". So, I'd usually go to the delivery building itself to ask someone there, but I can't. Because...
  4. D

    best internet package in Fethiye?

    Whats the best deal for internet ?( fethiye ) do you have to be resident and if so can someone who is resident get it for you , if you arent . also do you have to have a 12 or 24 month contract and what are the prices like ? only want internet ( no phone ) or is phone part of the contract ? thanks
  5. juco

    Virgin TV package

    Previous package was around the £70-£90 per month so got a deal for phone, broadband and TV for £34 which includes some free phone calls, sufficient for us not to pay for them. Anyhow after 2 months the bill suddenly shoots back up to a £71! Phoned their call center and my first point made was...
  6. S

    Monarch Airlines in Rescue Package Talks

    From The Times today. http:// Fingers crossed they succeed as I've got a flight booked in 8 days time!
  7. T

    Luton Airport Evacuated As 'Suspect Package' Found

    Luton Airport Evacuated As 'Suspect Package' Found update from Luton
  8. N

    turkcell data package

    I have just had a 10 gb package sim for 3 months useing it a lot less then when on 1 month 4gb all ways had plenty left on 1 month 4gb/ but 10gb package seems to burn it up my neigbour has same problem and my friend is any body else having same problem. no streaming NO programs running in back...
  9. Mushroom

    Best basic satellite TV package in Turkey??

    Having had Digiturk as a basic package for about 5 years and seeing the number of useful channels reducing, I am looking for another provider. We are not prolific TV watchers when in Turkey but it is often just appreciated to being able to watch the news or some other English speaking programs...
  10. I

    Best internet/tv package in Turkey??

    Currently have a basic digiturk package 30tl for the tv & have a limited internet download package with ttnet approx 30tl. Just wondering if there is a better package that I could find as digiturk seems to keep dropping some of my favourite channels. I know D-smart do a internet & tv deal but...
  11. teosgirl

    Erdogans democracy package - Election ideas

    Whilst listening to the unveiling of RTE's democracy package, many of us were left scratching our heads at his proposed election reforms. Erdogan offered 3 solutions, one being to keep the 10% election threshold as it is (not really a solution for democracy is it?) the second was to lower the...
  12. suzyq

    Turkish Gov't unveils reform package to boost democracy

    Turkish prime minister has unveiled a long-anticipated package of reforms designed to strengthen democracy and keep on track a fragile settlement process to end a conflict between the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the state. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told reporters in a press conference at the...
  13. bickern

    Erdoğan to announce comprehensive democracy package

    Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is to announce after Friday the content of a new democracy package that is hoped to be finalized at a meeting leading members of the government will attend on Friday. Following a meeting of various government members on Wednesday, in which the course of the...
  14. A

    US to give $123 million military aid package to Syrian rebels

    A few days ago terror attacked US it seems uncle Sam still not wiser still support terror against countries. When will western media criticise this shame? Why is western media being covered up / censor this shame? Where is racist, fundamentalist and sided the international community against...
  15. Tommie

    'Suspect package' closes Manchester Airport terminal

    Part of Manchester airport has been closed due to a suspected package. More... I do hope that no-one is affected.
  16. PASH

    Two apartments for sale / great investment package

    For Sale in YALIKAVAK Two storey Apartment block consisting of Ground and Penthouse apartment. We are currently selling our beautiful Yalikavak home due to a change in circumstances. We live in the upstairs apartment and rent out the apartment downstairs, providing a welcome income and close...
  17. Ian

    New unused Wii Mario Kart Package

    New unused Wii Mario Kart Package 250 lira, please only PM for details,
  18. Y

    Registered package disappeared -what to do?

    A package was sent to me by registered post from outside Turkey on 9th March. The online tracking of the Turkish PTT shows that it arrived at the Fethiye PTT on 28 March. Then states it was not delivered to the recipient successfully. I spoke to my postman about this, as I assumed I had been...
  19. C

    Special 3 night hotel package deal for easter at the taskule hotel yalikavak

    Come and spend this special time with your family and friends at Taşkule Boutique Hotel (the Stone Tower) located by the beach at Yalıkavak, one of the most popular beach resorts on the Bodrum Peninsula.
  20. C

    Special 3 night hotel package deal for easter at the taskule hotel yalikavak

    Come and spend this special time with your family and friends at Taşkule Boutique Hotel (the Stone Tower) located by the beach at Yalıkavak, one of the most popular beach resorts on the Bodrum Peninsula.
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