1. christella

    Ozzie the steak man

    Ozzie has had many restaurants akbuk,altinkum he left his last one a couple of months ago he was in akbuk Anybody know where he is now he is very well known got to be the best steak I have ever eaten
  2. Jaycey

    The Ozzie Pianist

    An out of work Ozzie pianist is strolling around the streets and bars of the Cross one afternoon. Walking down Dean Street he sees a lounge bar with a sign in the window 'Pianist wanted for evening performances'. 'F****g get in there you t**t!' he says to himself and goes to the bar. 'Get the...
  3. F

    where is Ozzie??

    Is there anyone who knows where Ozzie is...he was workıng for Semtours..arranging airport transfers.. i need to get in touch w him..if anyone knows where he is pls let me know...
  4. O

    ozzie isnt for SEMTOURS anymore..

    Hi, This is not an advertisement. I just want people to know that i am not working for Semtours anymore. This information is to the people who are using Semtours for airport transfers... Best Wishes to all... Ozzie
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