1. hayabusa

    Owning a Car in Turkey

    What are the rules for owning a car in Turkey.....?....
  2. flowerpotman

    Regs for owning a boat in Turkey

    Hi can anyone point me in the right direction as to the requirements of owning a boat in Turkey. To be specific Only inland waters not coastal. size of boat, engine size, registration do you need licence etc. Which dept does it come under in the Turkish govt? Thanks
  3. L

    Owning a company in Turkey

    Does anyone on here have their own or are part of a company in order to have the tapu to their property. I have had an email via a friend that her accountant has advised here that there are new rules coming into effect in July. Has anyone else heard of this.
  4. P

    Owning a boat

    Hi everyone... We have now moved over to Koycegiz and are staying in a rented place until the sale of the house goes through... We have been thinking about maybe buying a small engined boat like the inflatable ones you can get and tieing it up somewhere along the lake. We was wondering what...
  5. KKOB

    The 3 Phases Of Owning A Computer

    I'm definitely well into Phase 3. Ferreira's dump
  6. KKOB

    So, you like the idea of owning a Meercat ?

    The decision to welcome a Meerkat into your home is not one to take lightly. Allow Jack and Mila to guide your choice with this helpful list of the pros and cons of living with a Meerkat! Here's some of the Pros and Cons of owning them: * Meerkats are cute and fluffy. * The primary...
  7. babsgood

    Foreigners owning Property in Turkey

    There is an interesting article in todays TDN it discusses the 'allegation' that Turkey is selling out to foreigners, a study has been made into the numbers of foreigners and the reasons why we live here, for once its quite a positive take on the situation...
  8. T

    owning a car in turkey

    lots of people want to own a car in turkey. if you bring your own or buy here. you have to change the plates. or take it outside after 6 months. can be expensive if you bring from outside alternativly you can buy already m.a (foriegn)plated cars register cars. could save you time and money? The...
  9. S

    Changes in foreigners owning Turkish property law?

    We have heard a rumour that from the 26th of this month, non Turkish nationals are no longer allowed to buy property in Turkey. Has anyone heard this or similar?
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