1. M

    Car ownership with Turkish partner

    I understand that as a foreigner my Turkish partner would be unable to drive my m plate car. I also realise that if I were to buy a car and register it in his name the car would be legally his. Does anyone know if it’s possible to go to a notary and get some form of document or contract drawn...
  2. A

    Bare Ownership

    Hello. I have a friend who wants her daughter to inherit her property on her death. She has been told if she uses 'bare ownership' she can get her daughter's name on the tapu without selling the property to her and avoids the expense. Anyone heard of Bare Ownership. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Neil_Denizli

    Transfer of Car Ownership

    If I want to transfer the ownership of a car from my wife's name to mine, what do we need to do? Is it simply a case of going to a notary and writing an agreement and paying whatever sales tax might be required? She's Turkish, I'm both (naturalised Turk with regular kimlik and Turkish passport)...
  4. B

    Transferring apartment ownership after a family death

    I am new to this forum and I’m just trying to find out some information. My situation is that my brother-in-law owns a property in Turkey, but unfortunately he has recently passed away and we need to find out how we go about transferring the property to another family member. I need to know if...
  5. G

    vehicle change of ownership

    Hi, does anyone know what is involved and cost of changing ownership of a MA plate scooter? whereabouts in didim is the office?
  6. K

    Turkish property bare ownership inheritance.

    I generally find the 'yellali' website interesting and often helpful but this item posted today could cause problems for any UK owners not first taking financial and legal advice in the UK. Bare ownership - an alternative to the classical inheritance procedure for a property 4th April 2018...
  7. J

    Car Ownership Costs

    Hi, I've talked myself into buying a car once I've got my residence permit and everything else in place (so I'll just rent a car for a few weeks until then). Looking at a 2015 Nissan X-trail or a Toyota Rav4 (or similar) from a reputible dealer in Ankara. Other than the purchase price, what...
  8. R

    Type of ownership

    Hello, Does anyone know what Kat Irfifaki means on a red tapu? Thank you
  9. F

    Changing ownership on Tapu

    I want to change the name on my Tapu to my son in law. Can this be done in England with a Turkish Lawyer or does it have to be done in Turkey?
  10. G

    expat car ownership in Turkey

    hi.everyone we spend about 4 months a year in alanya we have our tapu (10yrs) but no residency permit as car rental is very expensive we would like to buy a car any idears ??????
  11. Q

    scooter ownership in Alanya

    HI can anybody out there explain the rule regarding the purchase of a scooter I DONT have RP only 90day visitor visa. I own my appartment 11 years have tax number and tapu.I am now retired and would like to spend more time in Alanya and not rent a scooter each visit thanks.
  12. Helenm150

    Electric scooter ownership in Turkey?

    Can anyone remind me what is the maximum battery size electric scooter you can purchase without RP? Many thanks, Helen :474cu:
  13. S

    Car ownership in turkey

    Hi Guys and Girls, I am hopping someone may be able to answer my question, do I need to be a resident to drive and insure my car, my blue book has finished and I want to just use the E VISA I know I need residency to sell it or property but do they issue a short one for say this purpose only...
  14. D

    Estate Planning / Property Ownership

    I am trying to determine the best course of action for ownership of a property in Turkey. Not the most pleasant topic but wishing to do whatever is required for the future. If this isn't the best forum to ask, please advise the best place. In the meantime will continue to search this forum...
  15. suzyq

    Pet ownership will require a certificate in Turkey

    Anybody who wants to have a pet at home will need to undergo training. They will also have to provide suitable accommodation for the welfare of the animal, as well as meeting its ethological needs and care for its health. With the new arrangement, sales of all kinds of pets and animals except...
  16. C

    Selling Property with shared ownership?

    I wish to sell my ground floor property, which is in a block of 16 apartments. I have recently discovered that I only have 50% share of the lease, apparently, I share the lease with the property above mine. I have been told that Turkish Banks will not give mortgages to properties with a shared...
  17. T

    change of ownership

    Hi can anyone help please, my son inlaw bought a house in turkey on behalf of us 4 years ago he is turkish the tapu is in his name, he has now split up with my daughter we are still all friendly at the moment, so he suggested to us about transfering the house into our names, so please can you...
  18. K

    Car ownership in Turkey

    Please excuse if this matter has been dealt with by others but I was unable to find my answers. The question is simple. I would like to bring my car from the UK and leave it at my villa for times when we are on holiday. I am over 65 and a pensioner but my wife still works, my parents are still...
  19. H

    Law regarding transfer of Turkish property ownership after death

    :hmm:Hi does anyone knowthe law regarding a property after the english owner passes away, does the property pass on to his wife.? My husband is the only name on the tapu and we have been married 35 yrs with just one son, we both have children frm previous marriages. I have heard all different...
  20. D

    Transferring car ownership

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to transfer ownership of a UK registered car during the 6 months period it's allowed in Turkey. I'm told it's possible at Izmir but i don't have anymore information than that. Also, when you purchase a turkish car, can i use it on the plates it came with...
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