1. Neil_Denizli

    Cats Dying in Bodrum - Alert to Owners

    My wife's cat just died - caught a fever, dead 2 days later. Vet says it's a virus, and almost ALL the cats in the neighbourhood are dying or dead. Virus, poisoning, whatever it is: 1. If you're in Bodrum area and your cat has any sign of a fever, treat it as urgent and get to a vet immediately...
  2. L

    Transferring Utilities to New Owners name

    We have been messed around by our agent in Turkey therefore we would like to do things by ourselves with the help of this forum. Can you please tell me exact steps and offices where Electricity, Gas and water supplies is changed onto new owners name. Apartment is located very close to...
  3. A

    Owners want to take over management of the properties on a complex

    Hello All I thank you all who offered sound advice when the builder shut off my water at the property. One of you suggested that the owners get together and take over the management. Well, we are going to do that!!! We are 16 properties with a community pool. Owners are from the UK, Germany...
  4. IbrahimAbi

    Note to non-pet owners who visit us

    TO ALL NON-PET OWNERS WHO VISIT AND COMPLAIN ABOUT OUR PETS: (1) They live here....you don't. (2) If you don't want their hair on your clothes, stay off the furniture. That's why they call it "fur"-niture. (3) I like my pets a lot better than I like most people. (4) To you, they are animals. To...
  5. G

    Word of warning for dog owners in Datca

    I felt as I needed to warn all other dog onwers out there of the dangers of their dog finding and eating poisen bait while out on their walks. Three days ago we lost our beautiful 10 month old Golden retriever while on her daily walk. She was never to return home. Walking the same walk for days...
  6. C

    New owners in Yalikavak

    Hello everyone, we are Chris and Penny and are delighted to have completed on purchase in our favourite location in Turkey. We are now looking forward to spending lazy days walking, cycling and boating around the area.
  7. B

    Owners direct new competitor

    Guys who rent out and are getting fed up with Owners direct please check out a well funded emerging competitor . They will be taking overseas property in a few weeks and will be including Turkey A one off annual fee and no "service " charge . Simply Owners | Simple and Direct Holiday Rentals...
  8. T

    Owners Direct ID etc scam

    Hi, We rent out our villa via Owners Direct. We have had some problem this year regarding the advert, so have been in contact with OD - all now resolved. However, we then received an email purportedly from them in the following terms: As part of our standard quality control procedures, your...
  9. A

    Visa for owners

    There was talk some time ago of yabanci property owners being granted some kind of automatic residency. Does anyone know any more or is it another of the usual old wives' tales I've been listening to?
  10. K

    Sustainable Visas for property owners in Turkey

    According to media speculation, there may be an implementation in Turkish policy that foreigners may have the legal right to hold a long term visa or indeed Turkish citizenship in the future. Now that Erdogan has gained power do you think that this will happen? As a property owner who adores...
  11. bickern

    Android owners on high alert over terror text message

    Researchers have claimed hackers could use a single terrifying text message to easily gain access to an Android phone and use its camera as a pervy peephole. Mobile security experts at Zimperium have found a dangerous vulnerability which can allegedly be attacked using a simple message. When...
  12. R

    Any Peugeot 106 gti Saxo owners?

    Been looking for a toy. In my budget I seem to come back over and over to the Peugeot 106 gti. Was looking at the 205.....most folks have been steering me towards the 106 instead. But cant find any specific advice on the 106 or the saxo? Thanks
  13. JBK44

    owners direct beware

    On BBC watchdog, fraudsters hacked into payment transactions. Always pay by Visa credit cards or similar to protect your transaction and always call the owner before making any payments.
  14. O

    Many Ikamets await their owners at Izmir Yabanc─▒ Polis

    Last time we called in at the PTT in Selcuk to ask if Ashley's ikamet had arrived, they told us it had been sent back to the Polis in Izmir. Mine came to the house so we guess they tried to deliver Ashley's when we were out. We went to the Polis yesterday to pick it up. They're kept in the...
  15. Ian2006

    "Example" of Owners Constitution

    Hi - on our site we have 12 apartments - and a decent sized pool - built in 2005/6. We do have 3 owners who let out in the season. We do not have a formal management committee / structure. One owners lives there full time and monitors the maintenance company to see they do s good job - which...
  16. Spurs

    Jacuzzi owners

    I was just chatting to a mate about my time in Turkey, he is an electrician. I told him about the day I took the panel off the Jacuzzi because we had a leak. BE WARNED, there were bare wires everywhere. Water & electric do not sit well together. If you have a Jacuzzi, even if you do not...
  17. beyazbayan

    Cat owners need to see

  18. A

    Residency for property owners

    I've just read an article suggesting foreign owners of property in Turkey can obtain a 12 month visa rather than a three month one. Has anyone got any further information? TOURISM - Foreign house buyers to earn one-year residency in Turkey
  19. teosgirl

    4x4 owners in Turkey

    LOCAL - 4x4 vehicle owners listed by ministry in Turkey Unlikely to mean foreign owners, but you never know. Seems a pretty serious step in preparation for a crisis... Charlotte
  20. S

    New Flat owners in Tosmur looking for advice.

    Hi We recently purchased a new 2 bed flat up behind Diamond Resort Hotel. We have furnished it and are looking for a reliable & trustworthy rental service/agent who can make it at least self funding. We wish to use it for ourselves for 4 to 6 weeks in the Spring & Autumn. Fully air conditioned...
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