1. A

    Yearly owner meetings by zoom/skype?

    Hi Our yearly owner meeting was supposed to have been on 20th August, however, they sent out the invitation letters too late (only 12 days notice) so meeting was cancelled. They gave a new date by email, 23rd September, and some owners have arranged flights to go to the meeting. However, we...
  2. A

    How to get minutes of owner meeting

    I have previously mentioned problems we are having with the manangment of our complex. My questions is owner meeting was conducted on 20th August 2019. There are a number of us who do not reside at the complex. We think the registered letter was delivered on the 6th August, only 14 days before...
  3. A

    no post invitation just email invitation to owner meeting

    Owners managed to take over the management of our complex in 2017. We are a small site of 16 properties. Mixture of nationalities. No owners live at any of the properties, hence, all communication is done by email. This included the invitation to the owner meeting the following year in 2018...
  4. M

    B&B owner

    Hi folks, We have a B&B top location, in a well-known Turkish holiday area. We decided to sell the property, and are already working with a real estater. Still i would like to know if anybody has any ideas by which means we can (internationaly) promote the property further? Any ideas are...
  5. pembelu

    flat for sale direct from owner (Calis/ Fethiye)

    2+1 ground floor garden flat for sale direct from owners (Turkish/English speaking) location Calis /Fethiye. 1 block with 4 flats & big shared pool. our flat has its own private entrance some furniture included. Both entrance & main balkony are enclosed with glass sliding doors offers around...
  6. A

    Paying the owner

    Gunaydin! Apologies if this is a silly question to ask. If coming from the UK to purchase a property from a Turkish seller, what is the best way to pay the seller? What is the safest way to do this? I have this somewhat a fear of transferring thousands of pounds into an incorrect account...
  7. L

    How long ex owner has to vacate

    Once the new owner get tapu in his name. How long does the old owner has to vacate? One of my friend has got his tapu but owner is telling him he is looking for another place and he has 45 days by law to vacate. Does anyone has reference to this law? Thanks
  8. pembelu

    central köyceğiz garden flat 2+1 for sale from owner 95sqm

    pls note i have limited internet access via a mobile phone at the moment pls pm me for more info and i will reply fenced off big garden/ central location/build 4 yrs old and still like new not an urgent sale & not considering renting instead at this stage property is now empty and newly painted...
  9. L

    New owner of Marina ?

    Yalikavak 's Palmalife Marina sold to Turkish politicians son ? ......
  10. D

    Removal of dogs from an owner

    Please can anyone help??? My friend has three house dogs and last year bought her own apartment. The Turk downstairs has since she first moved in created a song and dance about the dogs saying that if she didn't get rid of them he would!!! She had a visit from the police about a month ago and...
  11. bickern

    Dying pet owner and his dog

    Can you watch this advert without it bringing a tear to your eye?. The campaign Argentinian liver transplant foundation shows a day in the life of an elderly man and his four legged friend. After waking him up each morning, his loyal dog follows him everywhere - even for a coffee and to the...
  12. M

    Holiday beachfront apartment for rent in Gümbet Bodrum

    I am renting my private owned 2 apartmens in gümbet! No Commission! The apartments are in a site with shared pool, restaurants and private beach. Apartments are located on the 2nd line from the seaside and both are middle floor apartments. Each apartment has 2 bedroomes with 2 single beds and...
  13. bickern

    Cat Sees Owner After 6 Month Leave

    Cat Sees Owner After 6 Month Leave - YouTube
  14. C

    2 bedroomed apartment with seaview in Bodrum for rent from owner

    I want to rent my 2 bedroomed furnished property in Bodrum - Yalıkavak. Apartments are set in a private complex which has a large shared swimming pool, separate childrens pool and gym. It is situated 10 minutes walk away from the beach, jetty, tennis and basketball courts. The apartments can...
  15. S

    One hated previous owner!!

    A secure box is a cool way to get about in places you're not wanted!!! Lets hope it's pretty soon she will be getting transported in a smaller box BBC News - 'Margaret Thatcher's' Northern Ireland 'battle bus' to be auctioned
  16. T

    find out owner whose name is on TAPU

    Hi I want to find out who is the owner of a couple of apartments in our complex is there any way I can do this? I think the contact details for owners is supposed to be in a site book but we don't have a site book or anything on site at all. :juggle:
  17. R

    Babylon 'Beach' Owner

    Hi everyone we are proud owners of a 3 bedroom duplex and love Babylon 'Beach' to bits. Just back home again our 4th time this year. Friends and family staying in our place now. One other suggestion is on Facebook so we could set up a FB forum for Babylon. Be great for advice while away...
  18. N

    HOUSE for SALE by the OWNER

    Our dream house is in Yesil Uzumlu, on 530sqm land and 115sqm interior... Title, living permission and all formal docs are ready to sell, available for Turkish & foreigners... Close to the main road, Jandarma & Health Centre in a very good situation...Cedar wood interior design and 35 sqm...
  19. E

    sunset owner takes over fcc restaurant/bar

    mr ozmen director of sunset cafe has the contract to run the fcc facilities,hopefully things will improve,cant be any worse than previous attempts,sunset seems decent enough so fingers crossed
  20. D

    a victory for a Brit business owner!

    My wife and i have been in partnership with a person who has to be frankly hindered our business due to 'her' private financial situation. The partnership has now ended due to us buying her out. My wife and 'her' went to the nota and terminated it all and we have become 100pc owners. She will...
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