1. B

    i once owned apt in altinkum

    I used to have an apt in altinkum and was a regular on this site,i sold it and its contents about 5-6 years ago at a loss just to get rid,best thing I ever did as was being robbed left right and centre being charged twice for electric connections,people using apt when we not their as left keys...
  2. bickern

    Finansbank 99.8% Greek Owned

    I don't want to panic anyone but if you are with Finansbank you should be aware that it is majority owned by the Greek National Bank. Apparently Finansbank is ring fenced from its parent but .... Eyes on Finansbank amid Greece?s fallout fears - ECONOMICS
  3. bickern

    Is North Sea Oil Owned By The Shetland Isles?

    Is North Sea Oil Owned By The Shetland Isles? Whilst we know that SOME North Sea Oil and Gas is English, does the majority belong to Scotland should it go independent? Found on-line... "Is North Sea Oil Owned By The Shetland Isles? To answer this question you need to do some research into...
  4. C

    Advice please - Parents owned property in Turkey, now passed away

    Hi, I'm new to Turkish Living and would really appreciate some advice. I have posted this already on this site but can't seem to find my post!! Unless i did it wrong. My parents have owned a house in Calis for the last 8 years but sadly both suddenly passed away last year. I have no idea...
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