1. Jaycey

    Late night owls

    How about a late night owls thread for when the forum quietens down a bit? Those of us who haven’t hit the sack yet or have got up ridiculously early can tell us about their day or what they plan to do the next day. Bitch about the wife, mods, Des, thumbs etc. PMs are OK but a group session...
  2. niamh


    For the past 3 evenings in a row I have spotted Little Owls (Athene noctua) whilst walking the dog. I assume I am not spotting the same bird repeatedly as I have seen them in totally different areas of Dalyan :) Just thought I would share! It seems to be a bird week for me, a white stork flew...
  3. eileen

    party 10 june owls bar

    any one up 4 party on the 10 june
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