1. hayabusa

    Yapi Kredi Bank - change password from overseas.

    Does anyone know how to change password on Internet Banking on Yapi Kredi account from Overseas. It asks for a Turkish Phone number, which I had but had now expired, and cannot access my acccount without this. Also the Turkish Phone number I had was not international, so could not do anything...
  2. suzyq

    Japan Allowed to Fight Overseas

    Japan's parliament has voted to allow the military to fight overseas for the first time since the end of World War Two 70 years ago. A vote on the constitutional amendment was delayed for several hours as the opposition tried to stop the measure coming into law. Outside, demonstrators rallied...
  3. C

    A Little Clarity on Who Pays for NHS Services

  4. bickern

    UK residents overseas will be able to vote in UK's General Election

    This week the UK Electoral Commission has launched a dedicated overseas voter registration campaign. The campaign aims to encourage British citizens living overseas to register to vote ahead of the UK Parliamentary General Election, due to take place on Thursday 7 May 2015. To mark the start of...
  5. M

    New UK Tax Regulations - Overseas Assets

    Anyone got any comments/thoughts about this : "People who hide their money overseas to avoid paying tax face bigger fines and could be jailed more easily under government plans to fight tax evasion. To prosecute at present, tax officials must prove a person holding income offshore has intended...
  6. Neil_Denizli

    Best Bank for Receiving Payments from Overseas

    Start with a grumble - my HSBC dollar account now started charging (without notification or reason, will be talking to them today) 31 dollars per transaction - i.e. every time a payment comes in they steal an obscene commission. Will be closing my account with them asap. However, as I work...
  7. Z

    Place Overseas UK

    Not sure if there is already a thread about that: I tried to find reviews, opinions about this real estate agent but couldnt find any. Has anyone dealt with them before? Are they trustful? Any information would be useful. Many thanks.
  8. suzyq

    NEW: Overseas passport service information on GOV.UK

    PASSPORTS NOW NEED TO BE SENT TO LIVERPOOL The Foreign Office is publishing its overseas passport service information on GOV.UK, the new one stop portal for public services. The FCO’s passport services overseas are listed under https://www.gov.uk/overseas-passports. How you apply for or renew...
  9. S

    Best overseas property buys

    Latest buying property abroad feature from Yahoo For a cheap home abroad, head for America! - Yahoo! Finance UK
  10. B

    Daily Mail article: overseas property p70: 27/4/12

    Need read the article in the Daily Mail today on page 70? Sorry, do not know how to link the page.can anyone else do it for me please? All positive re buying property in Turkey :) Especially Bodrum area.:)
  11. A

    Free tickets for Place in the Sun overseas property Exhibition

    Free tickets for Place in the Sun overseas property Exhibition Earls Court, London, 30th March, 31st March and 1st April. Anyone requiring a free ticket please contact me with a private message and i will email you an e ticket that you can print off. Anita and the Turkey Property Shop Estate...
  12. abba

    Turkey to facilitate property transfers from overseas

    From Today's Zaman Saturday. Turkey's land registry paperwork to also be done overseas
  13. ceemac

    General election 2010 - voting from overseas

    This from the British Embassy in Turkey's website today; 'Every British citizen who has been registered to vote in the UK within the last 15 years is eligible to vote in UK Parliamentary (general) elections and European Parliamentary elections in the UK. To be eligible to vote in the general...
  14. ceemac

    Relocating Your Pet Overseas

    Relocating your pet internationally is a time consuming, expensive process that requires specialized knowledge of import and export documentation, necessary veterinary procedures and ensuing paperwork, airline policies, travel crate requirements, quarantine laws, boarding accommodation in the...
  15. gerald

    Use your inclusive minutes for overseas calls

    For calls originating in the UK: I usually use skype for my overseas calls but tried this the other day as I usually let loads of inclusive minutes go to waste each month. It worked fine. Call overseas from your UK mobile No registration No commitments No hassles International calls with...
  16. Martyn

    UK Debit & Credit Card overseas charges

    Here is a list of all charges for overseas use. Overseas Spending Charges: Full Debit & Credit card breakdown...
  17. T

    Overseas property

    I have just had an email from a Florida based company that deals in distressed sales of property from builders in difficulty. This one was concerning a big complex just outside Orlando called Regal Palms. It has a central clubhouse with entertainment,sports facilities,tennis courts,3 swimming...
  18. D

    Prime Overseas Properties

    Hi Everyone, A newbie here just arrived back from Turkey this morning with the family and they have been smitten with the country,we have looked a few years ago at a holiday home but it just never happened.This time around however we have been approached by the above Company...
  19. P

    ASDA to sell overseas property :)

    EXCLUSIVE: ASDA TO SELL OVERSEAS PROPERTY BY 2009 Asda, portal OPP has learnt that UK supermarket Asda will allow agents and developers to advertise overseas property for sale and rent via its new portal HomesinAsda.com as of spring 2009. Recently launched, the portal provides a platform for...
  20. T

    Overseas Property investment report

    We are members of an international property alerts site run by a reputable expert Ian Maitland who has his finger on the pulse re trends. He has just said the the interest in Turkey property investment is picking up and the trickle into his mailbag has increased to a flow in recent weeks. The...
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