1. the bueman

    Another Oversea's Property Investigation

    SFO are investigating Harlequins Group......here is the link.....Serious Fraud Office and FSA now investigating Harlequin - Expat News at ExpatsBlog.com Also reported in today's Belfast Telegraph, numerous N Ireland investors in state of panic. I was almost one of them, hope it is not as bad...
  2. A

    Taxes on oversea cargo

    Can anyone tell me what taxes I would pay beside the cargo charges (to ovearseas). We were told by PTT person that if we can submit invoices on the goods, we may not need to pay taxes?????. I got confused, but due to my limited turkish couldnt get more info on it. Can anyone kindly enlighten me...
  3. M

    oversea's property

    Hi All Sorry if this has already been posted,but there is an interesting series starting on Sky 287.They are running the previews at the moment but tonights was Turkey, the area and even cooking Turkish dishies. It is repeated at 1800 Sunday Worth a look Martin
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