1. bickern

    Stabbed toddler then baked her in an oven

    I honestly can't believe this, if you are apt to be shocked then don't read. ---------------------------------------------------------- A grandmother has been arrested on suspicion of murder after a toddler was found stabbed and baked in an oven. Carolyn Jones, 48, is accused of killing...
  2. S

    Microwave and built in oven needed.

    Hello I am moving from a furnished place in Ovacik to a semi furnished place in Tuzla Fethiye,by Tuesday market. I need to buy a microwave and a built in cooker, I dont mind if its second hand or new. However, I am not microwave or cooker savvy and dont know really what im looking for..or where...
  3. V

    Washing Machine & Oven for Sale

    FOR SALE IN TURGUTREIS Arcelik Washing Machine & Oven for sale, both in good working condition. 200 TL Each. Please PM for viewing.
  4. mollag

    Oven clay pot recipes

    Does anyone have any tips on recipes/ cooking the chicken/kofte clay pot dishes a la, Alo 24 and other Lokantas ?, The Nazar in Turgutreis does a particularly good one lately. Cheers :gulme:
  5. Tenpin

    ŞÖMİNE SOBA 5111 Red

    Located in Kusadasi. Genuine reason for sale. Only used for one winter, not used this winter. Price 600 TL ŞÖMİNE SOBA 5111 Red Top Oven to cook bread etc Enamel surfaces Burns all types of solid fuel Fire brick structure Large easy to empty and clean ashtray Flame viewing window...
  6. stmary

    best place to buy oven and hob

    Hi , where in Altinkum Didim , can you buy a nice oven and hob . Seen one in the Kartal shop on the boulevard opp oz sut cafe bar . the price was £400 for both , is this a good price ... cheers
  7. pembelu

    free standing oven / hob koycegiz

    collection koycegiz more info to come with pic 200tl maybe can deliver for petrol cost to some areas this week
  8. M

    Halogen Oven

    Some time ago I purchased a halogen oven, complete with all accessories. It got assembled, looked at, and then pushed to one side and not used. I have a large range style cooker with two ovens, one quite small (very useful) and the other would cook a small moose! Recently the smaller oven...
  9. tomc1984

    oven cleaner

    Anyone recommend a good oven cleaner similar to ovenpride in uk?
  10. M

    Cooking without an oven!

    Hi everyone, Unfortunately the house I'm in at the minute doesn't have an oven and I'm really struggling! We just have 2 gas rings :(! We cook the basics like rice, chips, sausage, egg but has anyone got any basic recipes? My boyfriend grows tomatoes and peppers so anything involving them...
  11. janA

    Arcelik oven

    Arcelik slot in oven for sale. Good working order but needs middle glass replacing, hence price 50 lira Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  12. arrian

    McCains oven chips

    does anyone remember the advert for McCains oven chips, where the little brat would sit at the table, bang his knife and fork on the table top, and shout "FEED ME!!!" at the top of his voice, and then the doting mother would take out the tray of McCains oven chips and place them in front of him...
  13. I

    Arcelik Oven For Sale - Dalaman

    Arcelik Oven - Model 9310Y - with gas hob and fan assisted oven. Only 9 months old and with 15 months guarantee remaining. Comes complete with gas bottle and reg *ONLY 325TL ono* Please PM for details etc. Cheers, Ian.
  14. B

    Oven wanted

    Does anyone in Yalikavak have a standard size oven for sale at a value for money price. Can collect?:ukflag:
  15. keny

    advice please- slot-in electric oven

    Hello all, I hope you are having a good day.We are coming to Turkey in early May and need to buy a slot-in electric oven.I have heard of the new elecrtical stores in Izmir and I wonder if they sell the ovens?I have a makro card.Maybe the stores in Bodrum or Izmir stock these?I would be...
  16. M

    Kenwood worktop oven

    Small oven, used maybe 3 or 4 times. 30 minute timer. Small but will take a small whole chicken, cooks well as long as you ae there to re-set the timer. Ideal for pizza, pies ect. 40ytl
  17. L

    Halogen Oven

    I've got a JML Halogen Oven which I love and wondered if these were available in Turkey. There is a link to an estore in Turkey on the JML website but it doesn't go anywhere! I suppose I could take one out with me but as they weigh around 7 kilo it's a huge chunk out of my baggage allowance!
  18. val2661

    What Oven Shall I Buy - Any Recommendations???

    Hi I've got to buy an oven and hob for my new place and honestly I have no idea what to choose. I've seen fitted ovens priced from 500 YTL to 3000 YTL (way beyond my budget!). I've now seen one which I like which is manufactured by Silverline. I've never heard of them and wondered if...
  19. immac

    Solar Oven

    Are these available in Turkey? They seem easy to get in USA and Africa, but have not seen them here. I could build my own, but if there is one cheap enough I would go for that. For those that don't know, it is basically a small insulated box with a glass top. You put the cooking pot inside and...
  20. M


    hi all does anyone know were to get a oven at good price, we have a hob and were looking for either a oven are a complete cooker thanks all mikey :der:
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