1. immac

    Maths Science Tutor Wanted in Ovacik

    Friend of a friend needs a Maths/Science tutor for a 14 year old Home Schooling at GCSE level (UK exam standard) If anyone can help, please PM me and I will pass on contact number. Ian
  2. Bim

    moving to ovacik

    Hi all, im looking at moving to ovacik (For good) had enough of crap weather, etc.... Im looking at taking my tow cats.. as an average what is the total cost.. I have a apartment so saving alot of money Re: accommodation... also whats the vets/bills like ... also any reliable air transport for...
  3. S

    Long term rental ovacik for later in year

    Hello We are looking for a long term rental villas in Ovacik 6/12 months ongoing s.Please can anyone point me in the right direction. Tried land of lights can't see a property page. Many thanks
  4. Sha Hoorsur

    Morning Star. Ovacik.

    I hear the Morning Star in Ovacik is no more, does anyone know if this is true? We used to enjoy the company in there, especially the quiz nights.
  5. C

    Long term rental fethiye calis ovacik

    Family of our wanting long term rental apartment/villa with pool and prefer furnished initial period June 2015 to June 2016.
  6. Bim

    Ovacik 2 bed fully furnished apartment

    Hi all, im putting up my apartment up for sale, now, believe its time to move on.. really enjoyed the apartment & ovacik.... This is a fully furnished a 2 bed apartment. about 10 mins to hisaronu. Nears Shades restauarant. If you are interested, pls pm me & I will email; you a link where its...
  7. T

    Ovacik rental required

    Hi there, my husband and I are in the process or buying some land in Ovacik and wish to rent an apartment or similar for one week from 19th to 26th October. We need something at reasonable cost and, if all goes well, will need to rent for other weeks (or two) often off-season Any ideas or offers?
  8. lilacdiana

    Yavuz Büyüksünetci (Jimmy) Ovacik

    I have just heard the sad news that Jimmy passed away in March :33:. Did any of you locals know him? We had many nice meals in his restaurant . I would just like to know what happened to him. Sorry if it has been put on here before but I did look but couldn't find anything. I am sorry I cant...
  9. M

    Where is Serdar restaurant Ovacik?

    Hello, Does anyone know where the Serdar restaurant is in Ovacik? Has good reviews on Trip Adviser, but no indication of its whereabouts. Hope you can help Mx
  10. R

    Long term rental Ovacik

    Hi all Am looking for a 2 bed, furnished, ground floor apartment in Ovacik. Price no more than 550TL. Does anyone know of anywhere? Or a website I could look at. It would need to be fairly flat, not too hilly. Thanks.
  11. ICF

    Umit Apartments Ovacik

    Can anybody tell me if Umit apartments are still open in Ovacik?I have tried emailing but didn't get a reply .:: UMIT VILLA APART ÖLÜDENÝZ- FETHÝYE - TURKEY ::.
  12. H

    Guttering in Ovacik near Fethiye

    I am wondering if anyone can advise. I would like to install guttering for my villa in Ovacik. Can anyone recommend a good builder or guttering company. I would appreciate any help on this matter. Regards Hooman
  13. N

    wanted second hand furniture ovacik area only

    just moved to ovacik looking for a good double wardrobe and general apartment contents PM with details please
  14. N

    life begins again in ovacik

    hi all I now live in turkey gave up the stress and costs of the uk and enjoying a fresh start as i lost my long term girl friend in january so also i am seeking a special lady to make my new life complete i am 48 1.7m tall average ish build full of life and fun and enjoy the finer things in life...
  15. T

    Looking for place to rent in Ovacik or Fethiye area !!

    I am booked on a flight to Turkey on March 26th and urgently looking for an apartment to stay in after previous plans fell through. I need somewhere furnished, though not too expensive. I have no specific return date yet, but at the moment I am only planning on staying for 7 to 8 weeks (approx...
  16. B

    schools in Ovacik

    Does anyone know if the school in Ovacik/Hisaronu is a good primary for a 8yr old boy as we are moving over in 2012 from the UK.
  17. C

    ovacik rental long term wanted

    Hi all. I am coming to Turkey in May to live on a resident permit with my Turkish partner. We are looking for an apartment to rent in the Ovacik or surrounding area. at least one bedroom for 500TL per month or less. if anyone knows an agency or anyone who can help. as all i see are short...
  18. J

    6 month Let wanted in Hisaronu or Ovacik 2012

    Hi, I need a 3 bedroom apartment or villa for may-oct 2012 can anyone suggest any sites or people? Would be very grateful for any help. Thank you xxx :Flower:
  19. A

    Looking for a apartment in fethiye/ ovacik

    Hi i am looking for a 1 or bed apart in fethiye tuzla, tasyaka, ovacik or hisaronu, fully furnished with monthly rent. Any information or offers more than welcome, looking asap also i have a limit of 400tl any thing cheaper would be great
  20. peterbryant

    Motorcycle for Sale - Ovacik

    2005 Regal Raptor DD 250E-9 M/Cycle for sale 9120km. colour Black + 2 crash helmets 3000tl. ono Call 2526167624 Ovacik
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