1. M

    Outlook email

    I was "forced" into using this "service" when Orange stopped their email service in May 2017. I have had nothing but trouble with it since. But I have persevered, thinking it would be okay in the end. I set up numerous folders for the regular emails I receive. All went well, then about two...
  2. oldfogy

    Moody’s revises outlook of 14 Turkish banks to negative

    Moody?s revises outlook of 14 Turkish banks to negative - ECONOMICS So once again inlaymen's terms please, can anuone explain what this means to the average saver? Moody’s revises outlook of 14 Turkish banks to negative
  3. Tommie

    Outlook SMTP Server TTNET

    For Outlook users does anyone know what the outgoing server is for TTNET? Also what port nos do you specify?
  4. M

    Outlook Express Problems!

    Son arrived yesterday evening to install Windows 7 on my computer. Aaaagh!! He started at 8.45pm and we gave up at 1.45am! Hubby was blowing a fuse. Still, he got his dinner before things started going wrong, so we left him to fume on his own watching TV. I think son probably got it in...
  5. A89

    print flight tickets from outlook

    My daughter is finding it impossible to print her Thomas Cook flight tickets from Outlook. She's never had this problem before when using hotmail and neither have I using Yahoo. It insists on printing all the outlook garb as well and then there isnt room for all the ticket and it cuts it in half...
  6. kemerkid

    Windows 8 Outlook Mail

    My wife has just got a new laptop from the USA. It has Windows 8 operating system and we are both seriously considering a double suicide. Outlook mail is the cause of our depression and the fact that we cannot use Outlook Express on this laptop. I have made a search on the internet to find an...
  7. M

    Outlook Warnings

    Problems again! Does anyone know why Outlook Express keeps throwing up warning messages? These occur on about 9 out of 10 internet sites I visit. I am sure you know the one I mean: a bloody blue box crops up right across the middle of the screen saying "do you want to view the webpage...
  8. bickern

    S&P cuts Turkey rating outlook to stable from positive

    Standard & Poor's cut the outlook on Turkey's 'BB' sovereign credit rating to stable from positive on Tuesday, saying risks to its creditworthiness had risen as a result of its high debt and worsening terms of trade as demand for its exports weakens. Data on Tuesday showed Turkey's exports fell...
  9. M

    Hotmail and Outlook Express

    Some time ago I was having trouble sending and receiving emails through Outlook Express, but it only applied to Turkish addresses. So I opened a Hotmail account for all things Turkish, and this has worked well. However, as I like to save all important emails onto a separate hard drive, I copy...
  10. alison09400

    Outlook Express.....HELP!!

    If there's anyone who knows how to set up an OE account, could they please PM me. I've got it sorted that I can receive emails.....but I can't send them. :( Thanks in advance.
  11. T

    Email out - smtp

    Does anyone know what the SMTP server host name/IP address is to enable me to send emails from outlook via SMTP? The best I have so far from Mavi is that it is on port 587!? I have Internet connection at both Sunset and Sunset Bay apartments but cannot send emails! Any help appreciated...
  12. A

    outlook express problem

    Hi Hope someone can help as i am not computer literate.I have aproblem with O Express,i have a message every time i open up ,it states - admin.mail box full then underneath what to do which i have done ie deleted majority of messages in all and all large files that did have photos but still...
  13. Tommie

    MS Outlook

    Hi I have MS Office 2007 Pro, and I am having a problem using Outlook in Turkey. This is the full version and not Outlook Express. I have used Outlook for many years without problems, but, since I have arrived in Turkey I cannot send email via Ouklook, although I can receive OK. I suspect...
  14. L

    prices outlook

    Greetings. Does anyone have information about property prices in the area? are they falling because of the global crisis?
  15. ceemac

    A Bleak Outlook...

    What the hell has happened our world in the last few years? I was in the comfort zone - living quite well, 4 times a year to our place in the sun, weekends away, nights out with friends for meals etc. Now it's just a complete turnaround and we're having to watch our money very carefully -...
  16. Struggs

    Gmail & Outlook Express

    My ISP has been taken over by a shoddy outfit, resulting in no internet connection for hours on end, and no e'mails since last Weds. I have set up a gmail addy, and am wondering can I set this up in Outlook Express as well, I have tried to do this, (as I have done with a zoom addy), but haven't...
  17. shirleyanntr

    help with outlook express

    dont know where to post this but HELP. i have superonline. my email working ok and i should have left it at that. However i thought i would enable outlook express. Now i am getting my mail ok in outlook express..and none going into my superonline box. BUT cant send mail out from there (outlook...
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