1. immac

    New News Outlet

    UnHerd.com | For readers who choose the important to the new. Launched today. Ian
  2. teosgirl

    Optimum shopping outlet

    Hi, Just an FYI that the Optimum shopping centre, which has been under construction for the past two years (with the majority of the build being completed at the end of last year) in Gaziemir, has opened. It opened on Saturday, offering a week of big promotions. The most significant...
  3. A89

    Bath outlet blocked

    Wasnt sure where to put this so here it is.......My bath outlet pipe is running very slowly, what do I need to put down it to clean it? Ive got everything out of the plug but that hasnt helped at all, I cant see anything else down there. I wondered about por çoz but wasnt sure ıf ıt would melt...
  4. scotssteve

    Man with a van/ soke outlet

    Evening all, do any of the forum members know a man & van for hire in Altinkum/Didim? If so do you have a price per day? We have been reccomended to go to the outlets at Soke looking for household items and additional furniture - have any of you been? All information welcome as allways...
  5. B

    shopping outlet

    Can anybody tell me how to get to the shopping outlet, I think it is near Soke, we passed it when we were going from Bodrum to kusadasi on our transfer in June. Can you get a dolmus from Kusadasi to it, and how long would it take, also what is the name of the outlet in Turkish. Thanks everyone...
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