1. D

    For sale ikea outdoor table in box

    Hi Bought to furnish new apartment last week from ikea in ismir and to big for balcony . Search results - IKEA Suit a villa or larger terrace I like my small balcony :) . Paid 400ytl plus delivery and still boxed .....accept 200 lira if you collect this week from dalyan . PM me for details...
  2. M

    Outdoor pool

    Does any one know if there is anywhere in Dalyan that I can pay to use the outdoor pool? I haven't got a pool where I live and would love to just be able to pay and spend the day there Thanks
  3. runjarrr

    Outdoor / rattan - furnitures, where to buy?

    Hello, im new to this country and to this forum, and hope i post this correct. :-) well, I have just bought a apartment in Mahmutlar, and need furnitures for my 2 balconys. Where is the best place to buy it? Would be happy if some could add some informations, and maybe som links to shops in...
  4. Y

    Steps for outdoor paint project

    Steps for outdoor paint project The first step to get started in the outdoor project is to prepare the surface to be painted. The masked glass windows in your house, you need to. To do this easily, you can use old newspapers and painter, Masking tape. Next, you can delete the ditch, spray, or...
  5. H

    Turgutries outdoor market

    Hi all I recently was on Hoilday in Bodrum and and paid a visit to Turgutries outdoor sataurday market and whilst I was there I bought some Turkish dried figs from the dried fruits sellers at the far end of the market and when we got home back to the uk we tried the figs and they were very...
  6. H

    Outdoor pyjama ban

    And about time too. Such bans should be universal and cover school runs, supermarkets etc. Lazy wasters. BBC News - Dublin dole office bans those in pyjamas
  7. C

    outdoor Lighting

    Any suggestions where I should go to purchase outdoor wall lights - Yalikavak/Bodrum region. Durable material that won't get sun/winter damage. Thanks
  8. 23rat23

    outdoor jacuzzi's

    Hello TLF fans. Does anybody know where to get outdoor/portable jacuzzi's from or have you seen them on your travels? We think we are not allowed permission to build a swimming pool on our plot, but have had a thought on one of these. any help would be appreciated. Thank You and look forward to...
  9. E

    garden furniture

    lovely bamboo & garden furnitures direct from manufacturers...erdembambu.com.tr ..just send an e-mail and they will contact you..
  10. S

    Outdoor playcentres

    Does anyone know where I can get an outdoor playcentre, slides, swings etc in Turkey, either plastic or wood. It's for a 5 year old and I've only found baby ones. I've searched the internet but come up with nothing. Or maybe someone in the Bodrum area that could make one? We have plans...
  11. Mushroom

    UK Hindu Outdoor funeral Pyre

    In the latest of 'lets challenge UK laws rather than abide with them', a Hindu bloke and his legal 'team' are at the High Court challenging the law and demanding that his human rights shoud be upheld and allow him to have an outdoor funeral pyre in the UK when he dies. Personally for me they...
  12. T

    Outdoor dining table

    for sale in Silver Sands Beach area wooden outdoor table - teak-look from Ikea (Applaro range I think). seats 8, complete with 8 matching chairs sensible offers by pm (can deliver locally, otherwise buyer collects) Thurstan wow - 66 views and no comments!
  13. J

    Outdoor Ceiling Fans

    I've been searching and searching & it now looks like I may have to bring an outdoor ceiling fan over from UK - unless anyone on this forum knows differently Kalkan / kas / online stores...any location gratefully accepted Thanks in advance
  14. T

    Where to get outdoor furniture in Bodrum?

    When I'm over next week I'd like to get some sun beds and recliners sorted for the summer. Last year I bought a couple of sun beds from Papatya (I think that was the name) between Koctas and Metro on road to Ortakent. Since I'm only over for a couple of days, anyone know where is best for this...
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