1. C

    Eu outcome

    If England comes out of eu will English people living in eu countries have to leave.. And immigrants in England given notice to leave, can anyone explain. The repecussion of this outcome.
  2. teosgirl

    Swine flu vaccine - the sad outcome

    Many people were vaccinated against swine flu and had no adverse reactions, yet so many across the world have experienced negative side effects - why are the drug companies trying to deny this? I decided not to vaccinate my daughters when it was offered at school last year after a tormenting...
  3. A

    New years swİm outcome

    Have been told today we raised over 4000tl for the new years day swim will confirm when all monies are in, from myself and john we would like to thank all who were involved and for the people on the day coming to watch us, also a big thank you to ünder and staff at the local for use of the bar...
  4. lorraine

    Scams and the outcome....

    Scams! We all probably get them in our emails from time to time beit Banking, Lottery or the Nigerian (please can I pay you....) I received today an email from the European/Irish sweepstakes informing me that I had won millions (I wish) I usually bin these without further thought or send the...
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