1. L

    Antalya airport - Otogar

    I arrive into International at 2200 and hope to clear customs (no visa required) and get to the Main Otogar for 2345. Can anyone advise if this would be possible in such a short space of time either by taxi or bus. Many thanks
  2. L

    Dalaman Otogar

    Now they've moved the otogar to the Ortaca road, does anyone know where the Fethiye bus stops? Do we have to get to the new otogar or does it still pick up in town? Thanks, Lesley
  3. C

    Antalya Otogar to Migros shopping centre

    Hi all, I was just wondering how far it is from the otogar in antalya to the migros shopping center? Thanks! Cici
  4. K

    Otogar to port

    Can anyone help please we are travelling to Marmaris from Fethiye to go on a Thompson cruise, how far is the Otogar in Marmaris from the Cruise ship port. or doea anyone one know a decent hotel close to the port we may stay over night. Or if I drive to the port is there somewhere to leave my car...
  5. I

    hotel near the otogar

    hiya, can anyone recommend a nice and cheap hotel/pansiyon near the otogar please? would be a great help as im struggling to find one! thankyou :) izzy
  6. S

    Public Transport From Izmir Aiport To Üçkuyular Station/Izmir otogar

    Hi :) i was just wondering if anyone had any info on getting from the airport to Üçkuyular station or Izmir otogar with public transport? to then catch my next bus home.. im currently travelling back and forth from the airport every few weeks and it's getting quite costly, especially when i...
  7. Sirinyergirl

    Izmir airport to bus station travel report

    Hi there .... here is some information on the Izmir airport to bus station (otogar) transfer .... tried and tested by yours truly yesterday. I arrived yesterday in Izmir, got my luggage out to the front entrance and went over to the left to join the small bus queue. Checked out the bus...
  8. mrkeith

    getting from the otogar to dalaman airport

    Can some one tell me the best way to get to and from the otogar to the airport please
  9. M

    antalya otogar to tosmur

    hi does anyone know if it is possible to get a direct coach from antalya otogar to tosmur rather than to alanya otogar and then bus or taxi. many thanks in advance
  10. O

    Sofia - Istanbul - Antalya (Otogar Q)

    I have a friend coming this way by bus. Does anyone know if the bus station he arrives at in Istanbul will be the one he leaves on for Antalya? If not would there be a Service bus, or how much would it be for a taxi? I am presuming there are a lot of buses to Antalya? He has not booked from...
  11. KKOB

    PTT Sorting Office at Fethiye Otogar

    If you are left a note by your postman that there is a parcel to be collected, check which office you have to go to. In the bottom right hand corner of the ticket it will say something like Fethiye PTT or Otogar Garaji PTT. If it's Fethiye PTT, go to the right of the building where the PO...
  12. M

    Antalya Otogar to Fethiye or Dalaman ???

    Hi, I'm arriving at Antalya at 1710 on Sat 14th Feb and need to get up to Fethiye. I understand I can transfer to Antalya Otogar via the Havas shuttle service in about 30 mins. Accounting for disembarking / luggage etc I therefore epect to be hitting the Otogar at around 1830-1900 (??? sound...
  13. M

    Didim otogar

    Where exactly is the otogar located? And is it possible to get a taxi in the morning to our home in Altinkum, when we arrive?
  14. V

    Bodrum Otogar to Airport?

    Hi everyone My friend who has only been to Turkey once needs to catch her return flight from Bodrum not Dalaman as previously arranged. To do this she will be getting the coach from Fethiye to Bodrum However she is extremely worried about getting off at the other end! How far is the airport...
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