1. yalimart

    Ortakent New Town !

    They have released 1,000,000 Sq metres of land for building to the South East of Ortakent, That's a lot of houses that could be built. When will it end ? (says he who was part of the problem anyway)...
  2. S

    The point - ortakent

    Hi does anyone have any information on the development called THE POINT, Ortakent?
  3. M

    Ortakent By Pass

    Is it open yet? Mark
  4. S

    House in Ortakent for sale

    Due to a complete time waster our house in Ortakent is back on the market, it has all the paperwork in order, iskan etc, no debts on the property, 80tl a month aidet, lovely sitei 5 minutes walk to the village centre. Ortakent'te Müstakil Bahçeli 2+1 Sat?l?k Dubleks Ev : Hürriyet Emlak ID ...
  5. S

    Golf course at Ortakent

    As many of you will know there is now a 9 hole -playable- golf course at Ortakent. The questions are! does there exist a golfing society in this area and if not is anyone interested in starting one ? At the moment the green fees are too high, but a golf society can negotiate a better deal as...
  6. L


    We have booked to stay at the Sofabed Boutique Hotel in Ortakent for a few days in mid September, the reviews are excellent, but do any of the members have any suggestions for resturants in the area as we do not know this part of the peninsular, and we have a birthday whilst we are there...
  7. luckycat68

    Ortakent Bypass

    Went to Turgetreis this morning and the new Ortakent bypass is open -- very good , fast road , unfortunatly couldnt get on to it on the way back so had to pass through Ortakent........:biggrin:
  8. S

    Emlak around Ortakent

    Hi all, i'm looking for an emlak site to advertise my house for sale, any recommendations? What sort of fees are involved also please? Did anyone just advertise on the internet and not bother with an estate agent, if so how did it go? Thanks Sara
  9. perfect1949

    the new ACIBADEM hospital in Ortakent

    we was invited there yesterday for a cocktail party , and it is very impressive indeed it was like an hotel . there is only one side open at the moment , with the second half being completed next year for VIP'S , they are trying to do a scheme for expats were you will get 50% off we shall see . dave
  10. U

    Rental wanted around Bitez / Ortakent / Gurece

    I posted a similar thread in April but now conditions changed. Looking for a house to rent in Ortakent, Bitez or in Gurece if it is close to Dolmus as I will start to work in Marmara College. Must have a private garden. Budget around 1000. Thank you...
  11. kemerkid

    Big fire here in Ortakent.

    This morning at about 11:15 I noticed a huge plume of black smoke rising somewhere near the Yalikavak road. Looking at landmarks from my terrace I then drew a line across where the smoke was. As I write this I thought it was the new Asibaycan hospital but my wife has just rung me to tell me that...
  12. perfect1949

    the new hospital at Ortakent Bodrum

    look's very impressive , don't no when it will be finished though . dave
  13. R

    Ortakent village bypass

    Hi, Anyone able to give a update or any news on how the new Ortakent village bypass is comming along . Im told it is suposed to be finished for June/July Cheers David
  14. Yalides

    Baumax in Ortakent

    What a great superstore, huge and everything for the boys. Worth a whole day out.
  15. kemerkid

    Autumn in Ortakent.

    We woke up to rain this morning, it soon cleared up though. The brighter sky’s gave way to drums moving about the town and I fancy we are going to have a wedding today. Tomorrow we are invited to the Golf Club to play, what would you expect at such an establishment, so would I but no it’s...
  16. S

    Ikea - Ortakent

    Ok, have heard this so many times in the last 5 years but got told again yesterday by 4 different people that the new work going on near the Marmara was going to be an Ikea store, can anyone dismiss this for definate so that I don't have to live in hope for the next 3 months of building work...
  17. M

    Long term rental wanted - Konacik,Ortakent,Yahsi

    Hi, Looking for unfirnished 2/3 bed villa/apart long term rental in Konacik,Ortakent,Yahsi. Mark
  18. H

    Ortakent to Yalikavak

    Hi everyone, My wife and I will be arriving to Turkey on Saturday night. This is our first visit to Turkey and we will staying at the lighthouse hotel near Ortakent. As part of the holiday I am wanting to spend a day in Yalikavak and wanted to know the best way to get there from Ortakent...
  19. J

    Ortakent bay Summer rent

    I'm looking for somewhere to rent over the summer 2009 (April-Oct) if anyone has any ideas would love to hear from you. Thanks guys
  20. M

    Ortakent water park

    Does anyone know when the above will be open, we are in Yali at the moment and it's Tom's 7th on Sunday and would like to take hime but drove past today and it looked closed??
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