1. northpole

    Origins Of The Med

    [Excuse the spelling and Grammer] l have been fascinated by how the many countries of the world were formed.But what l find more intriging is the making of the Mediterrinian Sea. The tectonic plates of Africa and the Plates on the European side have moved to create the coastline we enjoy...
  2. Lemonhead

    Origins of the word

    Ever wonder why Americans call it "soccer"? I never thought about it myself, but now I know for the next time I'm asked. Another British import
  3. bobthenob

    The origins of languages

    Over the years of constantly working out how us humans ever communicated with each other during the beginning of time,has always been a mystery to me.With over 6,000 languages globally[which is a rough estimate]makes me want to know where it all originated from. We are a unique species,seperated...
  4. PhilCo

    Searching for 'our alien origins'

    I'll be watching this tonight.... In July 2001, a mysterious red rain started falling over a large area of southern India. Locals believed that it foretold the end of the world, though the official explanation was that it was desert dust that had blown over from Arabia. But one scientist in...
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