1. B

    Song's original version?

    Hi all, I'm trying to find the Turkish - meaning the original - version of a song I like. I believe anyone with a good knowledge in Turkish music in the style of Ibrahim Tatlises for example can figure this one out even though the version I have is not in Turkish. I uploaded the song to...
  2. N

    Developer is asking for the original bill 5 years later

    In 2007 we purchased a villa in Denizkoy near Candarli, Izmir. The villa was a shell and the estate agent a chap called Bullent undertook the finishing works. He quoted us at each stage which we accepted and paid for as each stage was completed. About 6 months after the work was completed he...
  3. Ian

    Original Wrangler Jeep 1976

    Wrangler Jeep for sale 7000 lira see pic, PM for further details,

    The original 'Apple Crumble' thread.

    After seeing Tonycheshireuk mentioning his apple crumble fetish i thought i would find the original thread,it's soo funny.Many of the older members will remember it & can have a chuckle again [lesley !! ] :77wu: The people involved are,chattycathy,paul [her husband ],ceyn & myself. It's a bit...
  5. bobthenob

    The Original lnventor

    I get a lot of joy from nature around me,because of it’s truly wonderful designs in it’s field of features.And it does make me think of mans inventions are really copy cats from nature itself. When the Wright Brothers built a flying machine.lt was due to one of the brothers sitting near the...
  6. T

    Should I stick with the original photo

    new avatar is it any better I wonder? or should I stick with the professionally taken and airbrushed original Thurstan
  7. M

    Free Original Source Goodies Bath/Shower Stuff.

    Click on link, register with them and then they send you samples and request feedback from you on website, when you have left feedback they keep sending you more freebies to try. http://www.originalsource.co.uk/free_sample/
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