1. N

    Tulpian Orient Palace resort

    Hi Does anyone know anything about the progress on this resort? We invested there in 2005 and should have completed 2007.
  2. J

    orient bar

    where in kusadasi is the orient bar please
  3. H

    Parcels to/from UK be aware - Orient Xpress couriers

    Hi all, Please see below an entry from the Altinkum buy , sell etc facebook page. It explains the disappearance of Orient Xpress couriers and a member of the forum. Anyone sending anything back to or from the UK please be aware. Graeme Hi everyone! Hope you are all well! I am still on the...
  4. B

    orient express

    Hi just joined the forum with the intention of finding out about orient express,i too have been phoning with the same response others are having,no reply but i am amazed that some people have had a reply to emails as mine come back via postmaster saying delayed and never get delivered, my...
  5. N

    Orient Xpress Transport Company

    Hi, [NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH ORIENT EXPRESS TRAIN COMPANY!] I just wanted to ask about Orient Xpress (Click Here) They seem to have been recommended here a few times but has anyone ACTUALLY used them that could provide some feedback? I've been trying to call them for the last 3 weeks on both...
  6. ceemac

    The Orient Express

    A really interesting video this. Last train to Istanbul In 1977, John Tiffin produced a whimsical report on the famous and historic Orient Express before it went out of service. Morley Safer reports. 1977: Last Train to Istanbul - 60 Minutes - CBS News C
  7. S

    Orient Resort Hotel (previously Aries Hotel, Calis Beach

    Hi Can anybody help, I have found fantastic deal to Orient Resort Hotel, Calis Beach but have ready mixed reviews (although most are quite good)...Please help also if anyobe has any other recommendations for accomodation in Calis Beach or Fethiye.........Thanx
  8. N

    Orient Palace Bodrum

    Is the Orient Palace Development Bodrum still at a standstill? there was talk of a new investor coming on board but its all being very quiet lately.A lot of people invested in this project.
  9. C

    Orient Palace

    Hi I am new to the forum however I have owned a house in Gumusluk for nearly three years ( which I love ) I live in the South of England although I come from Newcastle. I am interested if anybody has any information on the 'ORIENT PALACE' near Iasos , so much conflicting info from...
  10. T

    Orient Palace

    Hi, Has anyone invested in the Orient Palace, Alanya. If so, is the developer making the guaranteed payments. Anything to watch out for? Regards Tass
  11. T

    Orient Palace

    Has anyone purchased in orient Palace Bodrum? I am looking at this as an investment and would appreciate people's views/comments. Many regards Tass
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