1. V

    2021 Is it normal for my phone to take 2 weeks to arrive?

    Hi I bought a General Mobile GM21 Pro on Amazon on Oct 30, and it said it was supposed to be delivered today, on Nov 5th a Friday. However today the status on the order changed, saying now the scheduled delivery date is Thursday of next week. Then I got an email from Amazon TR, "...
  2. immac

    Facebook Rejects Turkish Order

    Turkish government demanded that social media sites, like Facebook, set up offices in Turkey that will be accountable if the law is broken. The threat is that if they do not comply, their ability to operate in turkey will be throttled by denial of bandwidth. Today, Facebook has said it will not...
  3. immac

    Glasses (Specs) Mail Order

    I need to update my spectacles (in Turkey). I am wondering if there is a cheap source for on-line purchases. I will get the complicated items in local optician, but general "spare" sets may not require the service or expense of High St shops. Anyone had any experience of this in Turkey, or...
  4. E

    Don't order online from Tekzen!

    The Tekzen brochure says that on average items are delivered within 3 working days. I ordered an item online from Tekzen on Saturday 21st. The following Tuesday they apparently checked that my payment had gone through (credit card???). I still haven't received the item and can't get any...
  5. J

    World Order. Henry Kissinger

    Just ordered the above. Henry Kissinger may not be palatable to all on here but for anyone interested in the Middle East this surely must be worth a read. If only from the historical perspective of an 'elected' Statesman who has had at least 60 years of observations. 'The Middle East is hurtling...
  6. juco

    Out of order. Immigrants.

    Bad enough they can all flood in but come on a flippin welcoming committee..
  7. bal canavar

    Erdogan bodrum demolition order

    After Erdogan's visit to the Bodrum Peninsula it's been announced that 17 luxury hotels in Yaikavak , Torba, Guverncinlik ,Kaynar and Golturkbuku have been issued with demolition warrants and quit notices to get out. And in a Mugabe moment, Erdogan has been quoted as saying "THE BAYS WILL...
  8. R

    what's needed in order to drive back to UK.

    thinking of driving car over to uk, what do I need to get in order to drive back legally, have heard people mention green card or something. what sort of cost do you think it will be and whats the best route to take. any advice appreciated.
  9. D

    Built To order?

    I'm hoping that you good people on here can help me please....where in Didim can I get a corner unit built according to size? (because of the layout of my lounge - surrounding furniture, electrical/aerial point etc). I remember that TLFers have mentioned a few places where such can be done but I...
  10. D

    Built To Order?

    sorry posted in wrong area
  11. Y

    mail order purchase guarantee

    A few months ago I bought a small CD/cassete/radio portable player on the internet from an Istanbul based company. Now the CD player has stopped working. I am well within the guarantee period but wonder what the usual system is for dealing with this after an online purchase? Has anyone any...
  12. bickern

    Social workers took out court order to stop couple going on HOLIDAY

    Social workers took out court order to stop couple going on HOLIDAY Read more: Elderly couple win case against council who tried to stop them going on holiday together | Mail Online He said the social worker and care home staff obviously had her safety in mind, but were too concerned with...
  13. Squeaky

    Law & Order or what's happening

    Good afternoon: It is not very often, if ever, that I have read three such welcome articles in a paper on one day. Former police chief imprisoned over Baykal egg-throwing protest Former police chief imprisoned over Baykal egg-throwing protest Silopi police chief demoted over claims of...
  14. gerald

    The Order of Service

    If you are watching on TV this might be useful, other formats available here. The Official Programme for the wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton is now available for the public to download for free. The Official Programme includes the full Order of Service (as used by guests...
  15. F

    Mail Order Pharmacy

    The one I have used in the past isnt particualrly efficient- does anyone know of any in the area that do mail order? Failing that, would anyone be interested in collecting from a ecznesi and posting for me- will of course be paying for your time / inconvenience, with money transfered over in...
  16. shirleyanntr

    Turkish word order

    ''How do İ ...get word order right' İ'm starting off a mixed bag for learners some stuff will be very basic and some a bit more advanced..and since worries about word order crops up a lot when discussing difficulties lets have a go with that first. İ think most people whose first language...
  17. PASH

    What Happens if you Order a Bacardi Breezer in Outback Australia

    What Happens if you Order a Bacardi Breezer in Outback Australia
  18. J

    out of order

    As most members here are aware, there is a petition entitled, [ Protection for Property Buyers in Turkey.] The way i see it is, you read the petition, and if you consider the wording to be accurate, you choose to sign or abstain. To date there are 134 signatures. So it should not be surprising...
  19. G

    How do I order prints online????

    O.K, I've just spent the best part of the last 2 hours trying to order photos online. It'll let me get so far, and then nada. I have selected the photos that I want to get printed via picasa, I've chosen and registered with a provider, but I'm getting nowhere fast! Any ideas for failsafe...
  20. lorraine

    personalized greeting cards made to order

    Member Anne makes and sells personal greeting cards for all seasons, As most of the members living in Turkey know finding a decent greeting card is hard to find. she can make them to order and send out to you, not only for Turkey but the UK too. I have put a link on for sample of the cards...
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