1. rosewall1

    what to do with oranges

    This year our orange, mandalinas and lemons are heavy with fruit. When I went into the garden today some of the mandalinas were ready to pick but what to do with them, marmalade yes, fresh yes but then what. Went onto the internet for some ideas, useless. So here is what I did and have to say it...
  2. rosewall1

    Windfall oranges

    I am sure a lot of you that have orange trees suffer from an early loss of oranges dropping. What to do with them. Well I collect all mine and make marmalade. Dead easy. Remove any pips and then chop the oranges up. I blitz them in the food processor, cover with boiling water and leave for about...
  3. lorraine

    Fun with oranges!

    Bet you thought oranges were just for eating, look and see what more fun you can have! From a sunday boat trip to Gocek from Fethiye.
  4. Aladin

    Sour Oranges

    Can anyone help please? Our neighbour served us an 'orange jam' - think thats the best way to describe it - the rind was curl up and in a thick syrup. We were told that Turkish people eat it with jam but all of us at the meal thought it was great just as it was and devoured the lot! We...
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