1. S

    Best Mobile Phone Option in Turkey?

    Best Mobile Phone Sim Card Option in Turkey? I am due to go to Turkey for an 80day stay. I never take my UK phone being paranoid about running up inadvertent roaming charges - so till now I have relied on Skype, Viber and What's App etc. However I have fell heir to a Turkish mobile phone so am...
  2. J

    BA cancelling Bodrum flights - Dalaman option?

    I received an email from those lovely people at BA to say that they have cancelled my return flight from Bodrum in August - not the flight out, just the flight back! They say they are no longer going to fly in and out of Bodrum in August and I believe my outbound flight at end of July is the...
  3. R

    Pegasus flight freeze option

    Hi all if i freeze flights on pegasus does the price i pay come off the booking or is it an additional charge thanks
  4. arrian

    Thanks option

    I have just realised that there is the option to 'remove your thanks' on the left hand side of a post that you have 'thanked', where it says how many people have thanked that post. has this always been there, or is this another new option and I just haven't seen it? :confused:
  5. shirleyanntr

    new option

    ive noticed there is now a 'like' or 'share' option on posts where does this leave the thanks button :decision: i sometimes use thanks not as an actual thanks but as agreement now we need a disagreement or dont like button.... easier than having a row
  6. Sunny Seasider

    Another Flight Option

    Just been reported that from Summer 2013 Jet2 are to fly from Blackpool in the the North West to Dalaman. This is a huge leap for the North and if it is a success, who knows they may extend to Bodrum. :angel:
  7. S

    ignore option

    would someone please remind me how to use the "ignore" option? thanks
  8. L

    All inclusive option at Flamingo?

    Hi there You all helped me out last year when I was visiting flamingo for the first time. We had a fab time and plan to go back this summer. I've just heard that there's a new option of all inclusive at the restaurant, which you can take up on a day to day basis. Does anyone have any further...
  9. J

    Best option - marriage in Turkey or UK

    Dear experts, Quick, dead easy question here. Buket and I have been talking about our marriage. Am I correct in the following: If we got married in Turkey, I would have 'automatic' (can't think of the word) 'right' to live in Turkey because my wife is Turkish. What would happen if we...
  10. Freedom 49

    BALET? Always an option.

    Noticed in one of last month's newspapers that one of Posh 'n Beck's sons wants to take balet classes. Certainly keep him fit! I have an old friend back in Buxton, a physiotherapist who worked with our Olympic team in Saoul but better than that, he used to do Rudolph Nureyev's legs for him each...
  11. gerald

    Internal flights - Another option?

    Seaplanes: Now a young entrepreneur, Kürşad Arusan, who grew up in the U.S. in aviation circles, is going to connect our coasts with each other. Arusan, who has been a manager in many airline companies in the U.S., recently founded Seabird. The company is now waiting for permits from the...
  12. luddendenturk

    Is Bodrum Airport A Viable Option?

    I am just researching for a possible future trip to Datca - our first time this far down the peninsula! We usually collect a hire car from the airport for our return transfers, and also to use whilst in resort for a bit of exploring. My problem is that the flight options to Dalaman all involve...
  13. Martyn

    9/11 what was it like if jumping was the best option?

    No matter who caused it what was it like for these people when jumping was the best option. YouTube - 911 Jumpers, Twin Towers Jumpers, World Trade Center, WTC Sad Tragedy
  14. D

    Solar Water heating - best option for year-round

    Hi guys, I've been reading a few threads on solar heating, and I just wonder if you can clarify what the best solution would be for all-year-round living and starting from a blank canvas. Am I correct in saying that it's to install: Latest 'tube' solar heating system, combined with a...
  15. C

    Another option for Internal flights

    Pegasus have a website where you can book the internal flights between Istanbul, Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Trabzon & Van. http://www.flypgs.com/index.asp the site is available in English, but for some reason, the booking tool is only on the Turkish version!
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