1. Fuzzy

    Opticians on Bodrum peninsular

    Does anybody have any experience on buying glasses here on the peninsular ? We have our prescriptions with us and was told that it was much cheaper here to get the frames etc , but up to now its proved more expensive. Are we going to the wrong opticians or has any body got any advice ? or good...
  2. G


    Hi i will be in yali in June and will need some new prescription glasses while there . Anybody used the one across from the bakery . And what he is like price wise or better still can somebody take a photo for his price list on the outside wall he has there . Would it be better to get my eyes...
  3. D

    altinkum opticians

    Need some info please.Would like to hear from anyone who has any experience of buying new specs ( frames and lenses) from an optician in Altinkum ? I have my UK prescription with me and need new specs. Dont want the hassle and expense of going home to the UK for this. In general , are optical...
  4. tomc1984


    Anyone know if the optician (Cadgas I think) will make up glasses to a UK prescription.
  5. V

    opticians in Turkey

    Is it worth getting prescription glasses in Turkey? Hubby is due an eye test anyhow and has left his prescription sunglasses in the UK any advice on costs and recommendations welcome. Thanks Jacqui
  6. M


    hi everybody . nicky and i will be coming over in september again. we were just wondering if there was a opticians in dalaman? nicky and mike :cell:
  7. M

    Opticians in Dalyan

    hey everybody we are coming over in september meeting family there we were just wondering if there is a opticians in dalyan mike and nicky
  8. C

    Opticians in Marmaris

    Please can anyone tell me whether it is worth taking a UK glasses prescription to an optician in Marmaris. Does it work out much cheaper than buying glasses in the UK, and also is there enough time in a fortnights holiday to get them made? Thanks
  9. G


    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a good English speaking optician in Altinkum? Also, what's the starting price for a pair of glasses with varifocal lenses? Many thanks, Graham
  10. maggie


    Does any one know the price of an eye test in Turkey????? Also the rough cost of glasses . Thanks Maggiexxxx
  11. F


    Can anyone recommend an optician in Altinkum, and how much (roughly) it cost Virginia
  12. J


    We're looking for an Optician in Didim. Does anyone know of a good one? Many thanks.
  13. Fendouglas


    Has anyone got experience of Opticians in Bodrum (or Yalikavak) and, if so any recommendations (or warnings). I want to get a pair of specs made up from my English Perscription and advice would be welcome
  14. YogiPJ

    Opticians in Bodrum/Peninsula

    Hi Could anybody recommend a good optician in the Bodrum area. I wear contact lenses, occassionally glasses and would like to eventually find one that supplied these. Im going to bring a few pairs with me from the U.K. However obviously im going to need eye checks etc. Many thanks Lorraine
  15. N

    Health and medical, dentist & opticians

    Altinkum and Asthma If you have bad asthma stay away from the place!! For some reason it is dustier no than last year maybe because of all th ebuilding and road works going on. My 6yr old had it worse than usual over there. My floors were constantly dusty. At least the inhalers were accessible...
  16. P


    anyone been to opticians in turkey what was the results and costs [|)]
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