1. A89

    Excellent optician in Alanya!

    Ive had a few problems with finding a good optician in Alanya over the last couple of years but have now found an excellent one, thanks to a scandinavian friend of mine who used to work there. Its Tuana Optik at Damlatas, they have other branches in the centrum too and I assume they are all as...
  2. J

    Optician in Alanya who repairs frames

    Some fool, me, sat on my specs and I have now to wear my computer glasses everywhere. Hoping someone knows of a repairing optician in or around Alanya, not a 'designer' boutique where I can have them fixed.
  3. T


    Can anyone give a good Optician in Marmaris? Thanks
  4. D

    Good Optician Wanted

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a good optician with reasonable prices. I need a prescription pair of SunGlasses with a decent frame but I don't want to pay the Earth. Can anyone recommend an optician in the Alanya/Konakli area..??
  5. A

    Bodrum dentist & optician

    Is it true that a visit to the dentist and optician is much cheaper that in England? If so can anyone recommend any in Bodrum.
  6. B

    Optician Altinkum/Didim?

    My wife was going to get a new pair of glasses in the U.K. She got quoted £320.00 (expensive due to the strength of lenses). This got me thinking, would it be cheaper to get her glasses and lenses in Altinkum/Didim? And if so, is there an English speaking optician there? If there is, where is...
  7. H

    Optician Costs

    Hi, Does anyone know if the cost of glasses in Turkey is any cheaper. I was thinking of getting variofocals when I visit and wondered if they are any cheaper. Is there a same day service as there is in UK, also are there any English speaking opticians near Manavgat that could be recommended...
  8. bodrumchic

    Optician in Bodrum

    It's been 6 weeks since my glasses disappeared and I've been managing without but now I'm working again, it's time to get new ones. Want to have my eyes tested first though. Have been to the guy above Emre Optik at the entrance of Ataturk Cad. previously but wondered if anyone's got a good...
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