1. Yalides

    Job opportunities

    Tube strike: Londoners face travel hell AGAIN as unions announce fresh tube strikes for later this month - Mirror Online Could train (pun) up a few migrants to do the shifts the over paid rail workers don`t want....
  2. A

    Political opportunities.

    For one reason or another many members of this forum are not fans of Mr. Erdo─čan. His dark side is now eclipsing the benefits AKP originally bought to Turkey. Over the years politicians from many different countries have been able to take advantage of the political situation which then allowed...
  3. N

    Best Language learning opportunities

    Hi All, I will be moving to the Izmir area at the end of this summer with my family and have been trying to search on the internet for the best Turkish language programs available. I have only been able to find one or two in the Izmir area. Turkish Language Center and Royal language (not sure...
  4. merlin

    Small Business Opportunities in Turkey?

    Re: Cigarettes & Food Prices - Bodrum Airport? Ha Ha - theres a franchise over here operating out of Ankara but they have small boutiques all over Turkey called D&P. (Now dont confuse this with the street sellers rubbish) They sell 2 different sizes from a range of over 100 Ladies & Gents...
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