1. J

    What are your opinions about these two hospitals?

    Hello everyone, I am planning to have a surgery in Turkey and a I have received a lot of offers from many hospitals. After fully study and compare between all those offers, I have finally reached to decision make step to choose between two hospitals: 1- Estethica Atasehir ( in Istanbul) 2-...
  2. pineapple1

    Opinions for Bench Please

    We have collected quite a bit of money for Shirleys bench .. .In fact I'm hopeing it will be enough to buy 2 benches .. One would be nice where she used to walk by the beach nr to her house But I don't yet know if this will allowed so fingers crossed . Also theres options of wooden...
  3. RustyDalyan

    Onur Air - opinions?

    Hello! Who's flown with Onur in last year or two, and what did you think? Book or avoid? Thanks :) Debbie
  4. Mag

    Advertising with Villa Rentals - Opinions please

    We are considering renting out our apartment for the summer months, and would like to hear from those who have advertised with Villa Rentals. Were you successful in getting rentals through their site? Did you find them easy to deal with etc? We are in the Bodrum area. Look forward to your...
  5. S

    Opinions please :) Newborn salt water bath

    Hı Everyone I am currently 6 months pregnant and lıvıng ın turkey wıth my Turkısh husband. My Turkısh mother ın law mentıoned yesterday that after the baby ıs born - about a week old the normal thıng to do ın Turkey ıs bath the baby ıs salt water?? Apparantly ıt toughens up the skın. I must...
  6. S

    Opinions On The Smoking Ban

    -- BAN CUTS SMOKING IN TURKEY SIGNIFICANTLY according to the Daily News A law that banned smoking in closed public places in Turkey made a remarkable impact on tobacco use as smoking dropped in the first eight months of 2010 by 16 percent which equals to 2.4 million boxes per day. Some 3,641...
  7. P

    Shrek scores again.

    From toy boy to sugar daddy? Wayne Rooney cheats on Coleen again with 21 year old hooker | News Of The World
  8. M

    Turquoise, thoughts & opinions

    Hi, I have been thinking of investing in a property in the area and wondered what the Turquoise resort is like? Does anyone own one? What's the resort like and the area? Bookings? Has anyone had any yet? Who did you deal with for your purchase and how was the process? MS
  9. shirleyanntr

    your opinions please

    some of you know i have started doing lessons in Alanya..and so far its been great...İ'm doing it very simply and slowly with a mix of practical dialogue and grammar thrown in..you cant escape the grammar otherwise just learning to repeat phrases isnt learning the language.. and i want my...
  10. lilacdiana

    opinions wanted please!!

    As some of you may know back in Dec my other half was made redundant, or rather the firm he worked for went into liquidation. Many applications later still no job.:35: So now he has tried to at least try something else. He has allways had a go at cake decorating and done some wedding cakes and...
  11. D

    Rugby Opinions please

    After Englands appauling performance against Wales and weak victory over Italy, it was good to see an improved performance (not grate) against France. Now here's where i want your oppinion: With 2 minutes to go France knocked on 5 meters from their line giving England the put in at a scrum. At...
  12. lorraine

    opinions wanted

    Some time back i posted a thread about the opening of the winehouse in Kayakoy village. there is a house next door that I fell inlove with, it is full of rustic charm, a beautiful courtyard with a plunge pool. Now I have a small bet on with an architect, I do some work for him (from home...
  13. Jenny

    Looking for opinions and advice on job hunt

    Hi everyone, I am a primary school teacher from the Wirral and have been qualified for 2 years now. My specialist subject is Advanced study of early years and I have taught right from nursery age through to the juniors. I would like to teach in or around Fethiye but would also be interested in...
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