1. bickern

    'Meow Park' opens doors to stray cats

    In the city of Mersin, on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, "Meow Park" has opened as the first park in the country made exclusively for cats. Complete with a playground designed for kittens and barriers that protect cats from canines, the venue also provides accommodations for animals. Built on an...
  2. S

    Season opens

    So it all starts today Great to have something to watch on Tv most nights for the next 8'months
  3. bickern

    Germany opens its first 'liberal' mosque.

    I honestly don't know if this will be a success or not, or if some are showing naivety, but a start has to be made and I wish it well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Germany opens its first 'liberal' mosque: Women, men, Sunni, Shiite...
  4. suzyq

    Underwater museum opens in Side

    Turkey’s and Europe’s first underwater museum has officially opened in Antalya. The museum displays 110 sculptures in five different themes Turkey?s first underwater museum opens in Side - ARTS
  5. suzyq

    Turkey's first beach library opens in Fethiye park

    The beach library, which is the first one in Turkey, has opened in Kumburnu Nature Park in the western province of Muğla’s town of Fethiye. In the opening of the library, Muğla Governor Mustafa Hakan Güvençer said that all tourists on the beach would be able to use the books in the library for...
  6. T

    Europe's first 3D printing cafe opens doors

    Technology is wonderful, the first 3D printing cafe opened in Barcelona, I can't wait till they open one in the UK looks like great fun.
  7. beyazbayan

    New Catholic Church opens today in Oba

    Opening today in Oba they are all meeting at 2.30pm at Gozde Restaurant ( thats on the main road that runs through the saniye) its tea and cakes free all welcome.
  8. P

    Easyjet opens Spring 2014 to Bodrum

    Easyjet opened Spring 2014 flights to Bodrum
  9. suzyq

    New SGK office opens close to Didim State Hospital

    The new state health insurance base, close tot Didim State Hospital, has now opened. It is understood that expats can now access the SSI base and carry out their SGK insurance procedures without having to go to Soke. However, it might be best to take a long a Turkish friend to translate and...
  10. perfect1949

    a brand new restaurant opens next week in gumusluk

    the new Metin's restaurant opens next week with their menu coming out this week . it looks really nice might be pricey but me and Shirley will give it a try . situated on the left hand side just before the Turgutreis turn off . dave and shirley
  11. shirleyanntr

    news agency for women opens

    lets hope that this news agency for women gets the support it needs and women get a voice in this country. something needs to be done to stop the regression and quickly as i see storm clouds ahead with the new constitution English :: J?NHA - Turkey's First Women's News Agency: - Bianet
  12. shirleyanntr

    Irish womens murder trial opens

    the trial was opened yesterday against the waiter accused of stabbing two İrish women to death last year in Kuşadası..they still are not sure of his age and awaiting bone marrow test but the injuries inflicted on these two poor women were horrendous i hope he will get the maximum whether hes 17...
  13. bickern

    First face transplant patient in Turkey opens his eyes

    Uğur Acar, the first person in Turkish history to successfully receive a full face transplant, was taken out of intensive care yesterday and transferred to a normal hospital ward. LOCAL - First face transplant patient opens his eyes With all the discussion going on about healthcare at the...
  14. teosgirl

    Jurassic Land opens in Istanbul

    Etkinlik ENTERTAINMENT: JURASSIC LAND PARK OPENS IN ISTANBUL - Turkey - At the same location as the Istanbul Aquarium (the first one) Forum Istanbul. I've visited the aquarium and was very impressed, although it was extremely busy the day we chose to go. I can't wait to visit...
  15. ZiaCa'

    New Charity Shop in Calis opens!

    The Calis Children's Charity is opening a shop on Friday, 2nd Sept, under the Eyna Restaurant (which is about 50 mts left of the second hand market spot). It will be open every Fri and Mon 11am to 2pm. Donations very welcome either at the shop during opening, or they can be left at the Restaurant.
  16. suzyq

    Passport giveaway opens UK back door

    Passport giveaway opens UK back door: 2m more Hungarians will have right to work here Read more: UK passport giveaway hands 2m more Hungarians right to work here | Mail Online
  17. arrian

    Hole in one?! road opens up

    and car drops in!!! Miraculous escape for driver as car falls 20ft into sinkhole at traffic lights during storm | Mail Online
  18. ceemac

    Ballymena Firm Opens Door To Turkish Business

    I knew Ballymena had to be famous for something other than Tess :hehe: 'A Co Antrim company has won and completed its first export business from a bus company in Turkey. Supported by Invest Northern Ireland, Ballymena-based firm Aerosubs has supplied a consignment of emergency doors to Temsa...
  19. ceemac

    Islamic Fashion Show Opens In Istanbul

    A model shows a new style of scarf during the Islamic fashion show in Istanbul, Turkey, April 9, 2010. The four-day-long fair kicked off here on Thursday, showcasing the latest trend of the Islamic fashion by more than 30 companies from India, Iran, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey. Here C
  20. ceemac

    Turkey’s 30th marina opens in Alanya

    Turkey’s 30th marina has opened in the town of Alanya in the Mediterranean province of Antalya. The Alanya Marina Corporation’s executive board chairman, Müfit Kaptanoğlu, told the Anatolia news agency on Monday, the day the marina opened, that the Alanya Marina is the only marina located in the...
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