1. R

    Opening a bank account

    Hi. We need to open a Turkish bank account to pay in funds to purchase a property We won't own a property yet and we won't be renting one. Could we open an account with a sale contract? We have a tax number already. Thanks
  2. juco

    Ricky Gervais’ Opening Monologue

    Gervais opening speech at the globe awards. Not a fan of his but a brilliant speech.
  3. J

    Bank opening hours

    Good evening, can anyone tell me when the banks reopen after Eid/holiday please. Thanks in advance - Jenny
  4. Yildez Datca

    New Istanbul airport opening delayed?

    Last night I saw a report on FaceBook that, following a meeting on the 18th, the opening of the new Istanbul airport is to be delayed until March 2019. I had a trawl on Google and found reports confirming this on a few news sites, not major, trustworthy ones, but no official statements from...
  5. A

    Ziraat Bank opening times on Saturday

    Hi, Any idea if the bank opens on Sat ? Cheers
  6. T

    Is there any difference between opening an account for a foreigner and Turkish?

    Hello, Turkish guys please answer my question. When you go to open a new account in bank do they say you that you should wait for a central bank to prove this account?! When I go to any banks they say to me that you should wait. Today for example akbank say that the central akbank should prove...
  7. oldfogy

    What's the criteria for opening a joint account?

    As the title says 'What's the criteria for opening a joint account?' Basically do both parties need to have a tax number or would it be ok for just one person to have a tax number, bank in question will be for HSBC.
  8. P

    opening hours kipa & metro

    hi does anyone know what is the opeinh hours for kipa and metro on sunday
  9. archvile

    Help with opening bank account without passport

    Hi everyone I'm new to this forum , firstly I want to thank the admins and forum owner for making this useful website for us I am a refugee from Iran . I had life threatening problems back in my country and I had to come to Turkey illegally , I was a university student and because I didn't go...
  10. U

    opening times

    hi all coming out on the 27th for a few days ,where is open for food etc and need somewhere to stay for two nights ,any hotels or band b
  11. S

    AVTA restaurant - winter opening

    Wanted to let people know that the AVTA restaurant on the seafront in Kadikalesi is trying to stay open through the winter. Nice couple of lads trying hard to offer locals a place to go during the 'off' season so if you fancy a trip along please drop in and at least have a tea or coffee. They...
  12. B

    Temple of Apollo - Ramadan Opening

    Hi, does anyone know if the Temple of Apollo will be open next Friday and Saturday (17th/18th July 2015) during the Ramadan holiday? Thanks.
  13. S

    Bayram and shops opening?

    Hiya, does anyone know if Kipa in Ortakent will be open over the Bayram weekend of the 17th-19th July? I seem to remember that they only shut for the first day, just wondered if that was changing this year? Thanks Sara
  14. TurkInDenmark

    Opening a business in Turkey, formalities?

    I'm about to open a webshop selling stuff from Turkey in Denmark. Yesterday I gladly found out, that I have been a Turkish citizen since my birth, without knowing it. This means I can legally open a shop in Turkey, and I'm considering doing that, as my shop will run from Turkey, and I possibly...
  15. suzyq

    New Opening Times Antalya Vice Consulate

    UKinTurkey 5 hrs · ‘As of 1st May 2015 the public opening times for Antalya Vice Consulate will change. The new times will be: Monday 09:30-12:30, 14:00-15:30 Tuesday Closed Wednesday 09:30-12:30 Thursday Closed Friday 09:30-12:30
  16. D

    Opening Bank for RP

    Hi, the answers to my questions are probably on this forum somewhere, but I thought this would be quicker! Basically, I am applying for residency this September and trying to make sense of it all to make it as least stressful as possible when the time comes. I know all the documents are...
  17. hijo

    our new kusadasi social club opening night..

    ...... A Great Night At The New Kusadasi Social Club,A Fantastic Turnout Great Entertainment ,Great Food ..And No Rip Off Prices For Drinks ,Well Done The Committee ,For Putting It All Together ......
  18. A89 's not opening again.

    I cant open pages again. For Gods sake!!! what are they doing now?? Its getting annoying now! Alison
  19. Kalkan regular

    Pool opening hours

    For those of you that live on, have an apartment on or are visiting a complex what are the opening hours of the swimming pool? We are currently debating this on our development so would welcome your views.
  20. Dreamy

    Opening a store in Turkey without work permit?

    I read so much about working permittion. In the same time there are foreigners who owns stores? At least it looks like it. If I was to open a clothing store - what would the rules be if I dont have the permittion to work? Some says that I can be there, choose the clothes and stay around as long...
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