1. S

    How to open site court case

    Just wondering if anyone can help with procedure for opening a court case against site mismanagement. Following an agm ,does the objector(s) go to the local court personally and register a complaint OR does this have to go through a lawyer?
  2. G

    Calis open or closed?

    Hi all, Just wandering how things are at the moment, are the bars and restaurants open? Looks like flights from the UK are starting next week.
  3. G

    Is Turkey open

    When will Turkey be open for holiday any news on lifting restrictions?
  4. juco

    Open office (microsoft)

    What would be the best `open office` programme to download. Its for my wifes laptop (win10) It has to be a suite (word and excel) she can use offline and one that would be compatible between win 10,win7 and xp. And has to be free.
  5. A

    looking to open bank account

    Hi, Any idea what are the opening times, and what's the best bank to go for to open £ account. I am planing to buy a property in Istanbul now and wondering how to get the money there, is it simple ? is it ok to send large sum of £££'s can anyone please advise on a good property solicitor to...
  6. C

    Yalikavak Market: Is it open tomorrow?

    Does anybody know whether Yalikavak market is open this Thursday or whether it is closed due to the Eid holiday period? Thanks.
  7. OWENA

    Trying to open a bank account in Bodrum

    Looks like we will be struggling to open a bank account next time we come over if my friends experience this visit is anything to go by This is what she wrote to me That sounds interesting! Despite trying to open a bank account with four banks between 11am and 5pm we were unsuccessful! At...
  8. suzyq

    Abandoned Aegean villages open to tourism

    Settlements that have been abandoned over the years on İzmir’s Karaburun Peninsula have become tourist attractions for their hiking and nature activities. The peninsula, which offers all shades of green and blue, hosts visitors in its coves in summer months while welcoming hikers or those who...
  9. M

    how to open a deposit accont

    I am willing to open a fixed deposit bank account in Turkey and I am wandering which bank that has the best interest rates on deposit accounts. Also, I need to know the profit that I can gain from depositing an amount if 100k TL with say Ziraat bank. Kindly advise
  10. C

    The Open

    Great to see Jordan Spieth win the open, at just 23 years old. Very impressed with his winners speech. Showed a lot of maturity and respect.
  11. H

    Bars restaurants shops open out of season

    Which bars restaurants and shops tend to stay open out of season? Thanks
  12. christella

    cant open these to see

  13. A

    Swing Chair for sale - open to reasonable offers.

    Here till Thursday so if interested just call and come and see. Colin 07850313193
  14. bickern

    EU - Turkey to open new membership chapter

    Chapter 33 of Turkey's European Union accession process, which covers economic and financial provisions, will be opened on Thursday. Turkey's ambassador to the EU, Selim Yenel, told Turkey's state-run Anadolu Agency (AA) on Tuesday that the opening of Chapter 33 was significant since it is...
  15. R

    Can't open my PM

    Hi. Although I am logged in I can't open and read a PM. It shows 1 notification and usually I click on it and it opens -it highlights in red but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong??? Ann
  16. teosgirl

    Gunmen open fire on tourist bus in Egypt

    Gunmen Open Fire On Tourist Bus In Egypt Charlotte
  17. T

    Is MyBeach open this year?

    Just curious, a few of us were chatting this morning and are curious if it's open again this year? Thanks, Terry.
  18. ZiaCa'

    Open Day at the Kitty House (Animal Shelter - Catarlik)

    This Saturday 23rd May, 11am - 1pm at the Kitty House (Animal Shelter) - raising funds for desperately needed ringworm injections for the kitties! Come and browse stalls...there will be tombola, raffle, cakes and kitties to cuddle. The Kitty House is also seeking volunteers to help out, even...
  19. MiddleEarth

    An Educational Open Source Project

    I am pleased to see occasional good news from the media and an educational effort as well. Be sure to watch the video... Bloodhound SSC: 1,000mph car built to inspire the next generation of British engineers "It is claimed that Britain's aircraft industry will lose 60% of its skilled workforce...
  20. newhorizon

    Open Plan Workspaces Are the Work of Satan

    31 Dec 2014 Not sure what you think of open plan offices or indeed the trendy open plan kitchens.... The text below is an article written —By Kevin Drum| Tue Dec. 30, 2014 "After nine years in an office, Lindsey Kaufman's bosses decided to convert her ad agency into an open plan...
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