Onwards and upwards

    Well that's the the end of another hectic year on the TLF. Yes we had the usual comings and goings, bans, fights, arguments the customery love ins and as always a great info resource. So which thread or issue did you enjoy the most? Was it the Cresent homes debacle,the ongoing lack of retail...
  2. C

    residency for 2012 onwards

    How do I start my residency application from the UK for next year. I live in Birmingham,and was told I would have to go to London. but no idea what I need to take or where to go. Can anyone help? Kind regards Claire :redface:
  3. ceemac

    Onwards & Downwards

    I'm probably going to get the head carried off me for this but I don't mind. I'm determined to sound off and this is the right room for it!! I've been prompted to write this by Terry's post yesterday on another thread which completely took me back, and then Rik's thread re his experience at...
  4. Mushtaq

    Onur Air january onwards

  5. A

    Flights from January onwards

    Hi, Ive scoured the net for flights during the January to April period and all i can find is Turkish air . Does anyone know of any others, we want to get to Dalaman. I think it may be easier to fly to Antalya and then connect on Turkish airlines to Dalaman. Im loooking to fly from any airport...
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