1. RustyDalyan

    Onur Air - opinions?

    Hello! Who's flown with Onur in last year or two, and what did you think? Book or avoid? Thanks :) Debbie
  2. H

    Onur Air vs Atlas Jet vs Turkish Airlines

    Hi everyone, We have used plenty of times As a domestic flight Turkish A and Atlas Jet where we find Turkish A the best as regards to food, re rest same however their prices continue soaring. Now that we are traveling again we came across Onur Air which seem to be the cheapest. Has someone ever...
  3. culturevulture

    Onur Air flight from Cork diverted

    I just had a text message from my husband to say, he is stuck on the plane in Istanbul. The flight was on route from Cork to Bodrum and was diverted due to technical problems. According to Bodrum Airport they are due to leave Istanbul in about an hour. At least I think that is what they said...
  4. L

    Onur Air

    Does anyone know why flights coming into East Midlands are still using the OHY flight code please?
  5. tomc1984

    Onur Air

    Why can't we just book Onur air direct now that H4U and Aegean have gone bust? Anyone know of any other agent using Onur Air?
  6. R

    Onur Baggage

    Sorry bet its been asked a million times, can you combine the 15kg allowance for a couple into one case at no extra cost with Onur (ie one 30kg case), their t and cs state no case to exceed 32kg for health and safety but nothing about combined allowance.
  7. V

    Onur Hotel

    I am looking for reviews for Onur Hotel anybody stayed there? also Miray Hotel I know where both are located just wondering what they are like if you have stayed let me know Thanks
  8. matty

    Onur Air Sports Equipment?

    I was wondering if anyone could help with information regarding,Sports equipment charges with Onur Air...Also do i need to book it online, I have checked and cannot see anything regarding the above. Thanks in advance. Matty
  9. suecheshireuk

    Help. Departing Man tomorrow Onur air

    mmm, very last minute I know, but I have just checked all our paperwork for our 11.30am departure tomorrow, and can I find the details of which terminal we need to head for:35:... Does anyone know which terminal at Manchester airport Onur air departs??? :blowkiss:
  10. John O' Dreams

    Onur Air flight security alert

    Dublin-bound flight in security alert A Dublin-bound flight with 127 passengers sparked a security alert at the weekend when it lost communication with air traffic controllers over central Europe, prompting Dutch authorities to send two fighter jets to intercept it as it approached their...
  11. Angily

    Onur ..

    Dont know whether or not this will sound like a silly question but here goes anyway... My family are due to fly from Manchester to Dalaman 2 weeks on friday and as you have probably already seen there are still on going problems with this Volcanic ash cloud. Hopefully they will be able to fly...
  12. L

    anyone flew with onur air ?

    hi all. my girlfriend and her 2 mates are flying out to altinkum next fri 30th (fingers crossed) with onur air from bhx, she`s never heard of onur . has anyone used them, any views? cheers andy ps, if anyone is around that week i`m sure she would love to meet up for a drink n a chat.
  13. edeller

    Onur Air

    This airline crops up a lot here. For the life of me I cant find a website for booking from the UK to Turkey. Can anyone help? Emma
  14. S

    Onur Air Flight from Gatwick to Dalaman - help please!

    Hi everyone 'Have just joined the forum, but haven't introduced myself as I am desperately trying to find information about our flight to Dalaman, OHY386 which was due to leave Gatwick tonight at 22.25. On the Gatwick airport site the flight has been cancelled along with the flight to Bodrum...
  15. A

    onur air cancel fight

    we were due to fly to bodrum from manchester on the 26th march with onur air booked in january ...yesterday a1 travel the agents telephoned me and told us that the flight had been cancelled by onur air due to operational differculties they said we cannot get any compansation from them and she...
  16. S

    Goldtrail - Onur Air

    Hello I am looking up flights for next year with Goldtrail from LGW to Bodrum and I get 3 different prices for the exact same flights and dates (all in main cabin). Does Onur Air have 3 different classes? Could anyone who has already booked with Goldtrail explain?
  17. B

    Onur Otel

    Hey people. A friend of mine as just booked a week at the Onur Otel and knowing that I am a Yali addict, asked me what it was like. And do you know what, I don't know a single person that has stayed there! Can any of you throw me a life line!
  18. H

    Onur air from birmingham

    It seems that Birmingham flights to Bodrum have been cancelled both ways between after 30th May until 11th July. We are ok out on 30th May but being offered return from Bodrum to East midlands,two weeks later or Dalaman to Birmingham. Not a happy bunnie, Hilary
  19. giglets

    Onur Estates

    Hi folks, Has anyone had any dealings with Onur Estates, Fethiye - good or bad? We met them last year and thought they were very honest and trustworthy. We intend to buy a property in the Fethiye/Uzumlu area this year and will probably do so through them. Any info will be most appreciated...
  20. T

    Onur air

    Hi all just wondered if onur air has gone .... The reason I ask is that last year I noticed that onur air planes had all the logo removed and this year h4u are using Pegasus air . Pegasus now fly from Stanstead to Bodrum went to book the great price of £30 each way...... yes only 30 quid but...
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