1. pepperkat

    Is it onions or O'nions

    Could some of our members from the Emerald Isle answer a question for me. We went for a pub meal yesterday with family and friends. In the pub I saw the daughter in law of an Irish guy I used to work with. The guy is know to every one as Paddy (Patrick ) Onions ( as in the vegetable) . While we...
  2. Briand

    Eating onions The Benefits.

    The onion is a member of the lily family, a close relation of garlic. It is often called the "king of vegetables" because of its pungent taste. There are many varieties of the onionÂľwhite, yellow, red and green globes. They also differ in size, color and taste. The smaller onions come in...
  3. thingthong

    Spring onions

    Hi Guys Do Migros or Kippa sell spring onions? Thank you:27br:
  4. shirleyanntr

    chips with onions

    my friend is here..going back tuesday...and she loves chips...well we're all different you know..i love them too. :) Anyway i always thinly slice onion rings and add them to the chips before they go brown...she's in heaven. Never had chips like mine before. yusuf thinks we're all mad :lol...
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