1. Leo

    OMG Russia - What the hell are you doing !

    Russia Decriminalizes Domestic Violence, “Legalizing The Order Of Things” As women’s rights activists around the word inch slowly closer to properly addressing and combating domestic violence, Russia just took a step in the opposite direction. On Wednesday, Russia’s lower house of parliament...
  2. Sha Hoorsur


    Please help me someone. I have found myself in agreement with the Tories. David Cameron has said that he sees no sense in someone on the minimum wage paying income tax, and then having to claim tax credits. It’s just the same money going round various government departments.
  3. John O' Dreams

    OMG! LOL is now in the OED

    By Robert McNeill Every time I see the acronym LOL, I die a little inside. Talk about trendy expressions lingering on beyond their sell-by date, daddy-oh. Well, now LOL has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, causing language purists to exclaim: OMG! For those of you out of yon loop...
  4. perfect1949


    tonight as been the worst weather i can remember no electric since 8 and now its 10 . dave
  5. arrian

    OMG!!!! bouncing baby survives

    Bouncing baby survives being catapulted into the M6 fast lane | Mail Online
  6. arrian

    OMG! we forgot the grandson!!!

    can you believe this??!!! Family flee burning house rescuing pet dog on the way... but forget sleeping GRANDSON | Mail Online
  7. Andy

    Hail or What ? OMG

    All hail mother nature -
  8. Andy


    And i thought Turkish Drivers were bad. Sorry if you can't view this link in Turkey YouTube - Crazy Drivers - Bad Drivers - Why I Can't Drive 55!
  9. G

    OMG Double the price????

    Hi all, have been looking for flights for the summer, and what a shock I've had! I have played around with our dates, before schools break up and after, but all the results are all comming back more than double what we have been paying for the last few years??? Anybody got any ideas as to why...
  10. KKOB

    Did you feel it ?

    We've just had a rather big earth tremor here. Anyone else feel it ?
  11. the sausage king


    Omg in this current clime of discontent, I just thought i would mention that i got caught speeding, yes my fault, at 119km and instead of 115ytl fine, used to them, got a 235ytl whopper, so without complaint i accept this, yes i know it is not the same as a god nos how much lost in this and...
  12. Ms Who

    OMG this is scary

    Type your significant others cellphone number in. Talk about Big Brother!
  13. chesney


    This is well freaky you need to turn your speakers up to hear it but believe me it is there just listen carefully!
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